How To Add or Edit a Learner

Prior to a Learner starting a Course they need to be entered into Wisenet. It is important that all the relevant fields in their Profile be completed to avoid errors when reporting.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Learner, AVETMISS, Learner Lifecycle

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin


Navigate to LRM > Learners


Add Learner
  1. Click Action > Add Learner
  2. Enter the Learner details
  3. Do you want to record more Learner details now?
    • Yes? Click Save an edit personal details
    • No? Click Save or Save and add another Learner
  • Learner Contact details and Demographic details are required for accredited delivery and some government reporting – you can add these details later under the Personal Details and Demographics tab in the client’s record


  • If your Learner only has one name their ‘name’ will need to be entered differently to avoid errors.
  • If the following details match to an existing Learner details, the app will return a ‘Duplicated Learner(s) found’ message at the bottom of the page. Therefore, you will not be able to save this new record due to the duplication:
    • Check 1: First Name; Last Name and Email (case sensitive)
    • Check 2: First Name; Date of Birth and Email (case sensitive)


Edit and Add Further Details
  1. Go to relevant Learner Profile.
  2. Select Action and then the appropriate area to Edit
    • Personal Details: Address, DOB, USI, Contact information
    • Demographic Details: Education, Language etc
    • International Details: Passport details, Visa number, Overseas Address
    • Next of Kin: Additional contact details mainly for International Students
  3. When details have been updated either choose
    • Click Save & Edit (next section) details
    • Click Save and Finish

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