How To Add or Edit a Learner

Prior to a Learner starting a Course they need to be entered into Wisenet. It is important that all the relevant fields in their Profile be completed to avoid errors when reporting.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Learner, AVETMISS, Learner Lifecycle

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Check that the Learner Profile hasn’t already been added


Navigate to LRM > Learners


Add Learner
  1. Click Add Learner
  2. Enter the Learner details
  3. Do you want to record more Learner details now?
    • Yes? Click Save an edit personal details
    • No? Click Save or Save and add another client
  • Learner Contact details and Demographic details are required for accredited delivery and some government reporting – you can add these details later under the Personal Details and Demographics tab in the client’s record

If your Learner only has one name their ‘name’ will need to be entered differently to avoid errors.


Edit and Add Further Details
  1. Go to relevant Learner Profile.
  2. Select Action and then the appropriate area to Edit
    • Personal Details: Address, DOB, USI, Contact information
    • Demographic Details: Education, Language etc
    • International Details: Passport details, Visa number, Overseas Address
    • Next of Kin: Additional contact details mainly for International Students
  3. When details have been updated either choose
    • Click Save & Edit (next section) details
    • Click Save and Finish

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