How To Add, Edit or Delete Units of Study

The Units of Study function is designed specifically for Fee Help reporting.

For each VSL Eligible Course on your scope, your RTO must determine how the Course will be broken down and delivered into components known as Units of Study (UoS) for which you will charge fees.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: VSL

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Mark Courses for VSL, Add Unit Offers

Unit Groups and Units of Study are not interchangeable.

Changing the Course VSL eligibility setting after creating Units of Study in Course Offers may lead to

  • unexpected behaviour
  • errors
  • additional data entry

How to Mark Courses as VSL


Unit of Study Structure

The main consideration when adding Units of Study is how it links to Units of Competency

The number of Units of Study per Course is up to the discretion of the RTO

  • It is commonly recommended that they are a 1-1 match with your Units of Competency
  • At the very least there a specific rules depending on the length of the Course
    • This is due to past events where Learners were charged for the entire Course upfront and not provided with adequate withdrawal options based on progression

Only allows a Unit of Competency to be linked to a single Unit of Study

This is the default setting. It is the most common option and ensures that Learner Academic Progression and VSL progression track together.

Allows a Unit of Competency to be added to one or more Units of Study.

This is only useful if you have Units of Competency that will be delivered across Units of Study periods

  • It is less common now due to the more strict VSL progression rules
    • Plus the relationship is not reported to VSL or AVETMISS anyway
  • See the diagram below for how Units of Competency cross Units of Study

If you required this you will need to switch on Advanced Mode Unit Grouping.

To activate Advanced Mode your portal administrator must switch this on:

  1. In the Wisenet Portal and My Account and select Show Settings
  2. Under the heading Advanced Unit Grouping
  3. Click edit, tick the checkbox
  4. Save


Add Unit of Study
  1. Search and navigate to the relevant Course Offer
  2. On Left Navigation Bar, click Unit Offers then the tab Units of Study
    1. If there Unit Offers have not yet been selected you will first need to do this
  3. Click in top right action menu Add Unit of Study
  4. Enter the following details
    1. Code (training organisation defined code)
    2. Description (training organisation defined code)
    3. Census date (training organisation published censes date)
    4. Organisation Unit Code (training organisation defined code, eg department BUS (Business)
    5. Field of Education (select appropriate field from drop down list)
    6. EFTSL Factor (Equivalent Full Time Study Load)
    7. Full Fee (training organisation defined fee)
    8. Credit RPL Fee (training organisation defined fee)
    9. Overseas Fee (training organisation defined fee for overseas students)
  5. Select the Units you wish to be linked to the Unit of Study (UoS)
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat until you have added all your UoS


  • It is important to refer to and understand the VSL reporting guidelines for Units of Study
  • The Unit of Study set up must match the publication details of your Units of Study


Edit Unit of Study
  1. Open the relevant Course Offer
  2. In the Left Navigation Bar, click Unit Offers and then the Unit of Study Tab
  3. In the action menu for the specific Unit of Study click Edit
  4. Enter the new details
    1. You are not able to edit Fees once enrolments have been added
    2. This is to ensure data integrity between set fees and linked enrolments
  5. Once changes are made, click Save


Delete Unit of Study
  1. Open the relevant Course Offer
  2. In the Left Navigation Bar, click Unit Offers
  3. Click the Units of Study tab
  4. Click the Action to the right of the Units of Study that you wish to remove
  5. Select Delete Unit of Study


  • In Simple Mode when you delete a Unit of Study it will delete any linked Unit of Study Enrolment and all linked Unit Enrolments
  • In Advanced Mode, the Unit of Study enrolments will automatically be deleted when you delete the UoS, but unit enrolments will not be deleted


Copy Unit of Study

How to Copy a Unit of Study