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Search and Navigation

  • Quick Search OR Click to navigate the main pages linked to Wisenet Resources
  • Read up-to-date News, Updates and Releases
  • Access the Wisenet public site
  • Login to your Wisenet Portal
  • Click on a Journey to discover specific guidelines of where to start and how to achieve what you want in the process
  • Scroll through a list of all Wisenet specific features in the How To’s section

Page Layout

Layout 1: Journey Page

There are certain journeys that you may have to follow to meet training requirements while using our Software. A journey usually comprises of multiple features within Wisenet that are required to be set up properly in order to complete the journey.

Read what each Journey is about and click on a Journey to get started.

Layout 2: Feature Page

If this is your first time exploring a Wisenet’s Feature, we recommend scrolling through the page to learn more about how it can be helpful to your training organisation.

At the top of a Feature page, there is a Navigation box where you will find all related articles to the feature. If you are already familiar to a particular Feature, simply use the Navigation Box to open the related article you are after.

Layout 3: How To Page

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