How To Add and Edit a Location

Locations are used in Wisenet to tag delivery locations for each Course Offer. It is mandatory to identify locations for State and Federal Reporting. We generally recommend that a new location is added for each postcode.

You must set up a Location for all delivery that you do, including:

  • Workbased or 1-on-1 delivery . Workplaces and Locations can be linked together.  Workplace FAQ
  • Correspondence or online delivery
  • Offshore delivery
Before you begin:

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Settings


Navigate to LRM > Settings


Add a Location
  1. On the Left Navigation Bar click Locations
  2. Click View all
  3. Click Add new record
  4. Enter details (see table below)
  5. When ready to complete select Insert
Location Fields


Edit a Location
  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Locations
  2. Click View all – a list will appear showing any locations that you may have already added.
  3. Click the Edit icon for the relevant location
  4. Edit the details of your location
  5. Save

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