Introducing Workplace

Workplaces can be used for tracking details for any type of employment or training based organisation.

A workplace may be:

  • An employer of your trainees and apprentices
  • An organisation where your learners have work experience or placements
  • Internal organisations or departments for employees who are learners
  • A school that your ‘VET in school’ learners attend
  • Delivery organisations

Set Up

Workplace Dropdowns

Before you can link a learner to a Workplace you must set up a Custom Dropdown. There are three Custom Dropdowns that you can customise:

  1. Positions (mandatory for VET providers who will be using Workplaces)
  2. Workplace Classification (recommended)
  3. Pay level (optional)

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Add Workplaces

Once you have set up Workplace Custom Dropdowns you can add a Workplace directly into Wisenet.

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How to Add Workplaces
Workplaces FAQ

Link a Learner to a Workplace

A learner will not appear on a training plan or many workplace reports if you do not add the position to the learner. You can add:

  • One Workplace and one workplace position
  • One Workplace and multiple workplace positions
  • Multiple Workplaces

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