How To Log and Update a Support Request

Support Request is designed to assist you in situations where the answer was unavailable through our Resources. We always recommend that you check this first as in most situations we will direct you there and can often result in a resolution sooner.

All of our Support Requests are answered within 24hrs by a member of the Wisenet Team who are based in one of our offices. We do not source this assistance to third party providers as we want to ensure you are looked after thoroughly.

Before you Log a Ticket please complete the following:
  1. Ask your internal Wisenet Owner and/or Administrator
    They are responsible for how Wisenet is used within your organisation and can assist with your daily activities.
  2. Check out our Resources
    You’re currently in it! Use the Search Icon at the top right hand of the screen. Here you will find Help, How To and Guideline articles. Use the search function to find your answer. Watch this video (it’s only 2 mins and it will save you heaps of time).


Choose one of the two options



  • Click on the green Search Icon on the Navigation Bar on this page


Log Support Ticket
  1. Click Log a Support Ticket

Note: You may require to log in first to log a new support request.  To log in, use your Wisenet login details.


Enter Support Details
  1. Enter as much details as you can
  2. This includes:
    • Screenshots
    • Examples
    • What steps you have taken so far
    • What  you are trying to do? What export are you running?
  3. The more details we receive the sooner we can find a resolution for you
  4. Select Submit


Reply to a Support Ticket

There are two ways of replying to a support ticket

  1. On the Navigation Menu of this site, Click the Green Search Icon
  2. Click on View Existing Tickets
  3. The list of support tickets will now open.  Click on the relevant ticket. Each ticket will have a current status.
    • Open: Waiting for Wisenet support to respond
    • Awaiting your Reply: Wisenet has updated your ticket and is waiting for you to respond.
  4. Add more information into the Add Your Reply text box, click Add Reply
  1. After logging a ticket any correspondence will appear in your email registered against your account
  2. Click on the link or simply reply in the email to respond.
  3.  ##- Please type your reply above this line -## and start typing your reply
  4. Click Send