How to set up Letter of Offer Checklists

For your Letter of Offer to produce key information such as fee details, study periods etc, you need to first set up the Course Offer Master Checklists before you can link them to the relevant Course Enrolments with appropriate fee amounts and due dates.

Before you begin

Required Knowledge: Letter of Offer | Course Offers

Required Pre-Step: Set Up Enrolment Checklist Templates


Navigate to LRM > Settings
  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Checklists
  2. Click on the Checklist Category dropdown box, Select and Click Course Enrolment

Click image to enlarge


Add New Checklist Item for each required field
  1. On the right hand corner of the page, Click on New Checklist Item
  2. Enter details for Checklist Item Type and Description using examples below
    1. Add an individual Checklist Item for each option
  3. Click Save


This step is important as you are creating all possible items that could appear in your Letter of Offer.

You can modify this for each Course Offer at a later stage and then customise each item relevant to the Learner.

Letter of Offer Checklist examples

This is just a guide of example Checklists that you can use. Choose the Checklists that meet your requirements. At the very least the following is required

  • Tuition Fee and any other Course Fees

If you want to include Payment Plan, please see the Payment Schedule Checklist Item Type

Important Note!

The Checklist Item Type value MUST be entered exactly as per the following table, but you can customise the Checklist Item Description to suit your needs with exception to Tuition Fee