Onboarding: Automation and Reporting

The seventh stage of your Onboarding is referred to as Grow your Business: Automation and Reporting

In this stage you will learn how to extend on the features you have previously discovered during the Onboarding so far.  Here is where these processes can become streamlined, automated and monitored to allow you to focus on the bigger picture of your organisation rather than in the details.

In Automation and Reporting  you will discover: how to use Learncycles and triggers to automate tasks and messages; requirements for Exports and Reports; and how to use the Dashboard for a broad view of activities.

Please allow approximately 5hrs+ to go through these areas. This time will depend on the size of your organisational requirements and license restrictions however, it can be completed in sections.

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Learncycles are one of the features in Wisenet that sets it apart. Here you can generate tasks, messages and many more features to occur automatically. This could be automatically sending a Welcome Message (set up previously in Communicate) to all new enrolments.

Discover more about Learncycles



Depending on your funding and reporting requirement generating Exports is critical to the ongoing management of your organisation.

Here you will learn how to:

  • Types of Exports
  • How to generate an export
  • Funding types

Set up for Correct Reporting:



The Dashboard is a snapshot of your responsibilities in Wisenet. Everyone that has access to the LRM has their own Dashboard where they can view key tasks required for completion. As an LRM Administrator you are able to view everyone’s tasks, Course Enrolment numbers, Learncycles generated.

Here you will learn:

  • What is a the Dashboard
  • How you can use it to stay on top of tasks
  • Snapshot of analytics

Discover more about Dashboard



Reports are a simple yet highly beneficial feature in Wisenet that allows you to generate key information for a specific outcome. Reports can be generated for internal purposes or to stay on top of you data entry for compliance purposes.

Here you will learn:

  • Generate reports
  • Customise and filter
  • Subscribe

Discover more about Reports


Bulk Updates

The Bulk Update feature saves you time and reduces the risk of errors due to manual handling. This allows you to update large amounts of information at one time such as results and other compliance fields.

Here you will learn:

  • Different types
  • Which Bulk Update to use and when
  • Cascade Wizard

Learn more Bulk Updates

Grow your Business: Automation and Reporting is now Completed

We hope you enjoyed discovering more features of Wisenet and how you can utilise them for delivery in your organisation.

You now know how to:

  • Streamline processes through Learncycles
  • Utilise the Dashboard for greater visibility across the  organisation
  • How to generate Exports and Reports
  • Update information in Bulk to save you time.
Next: Grow your Business: Strategy

You are now ready for the next step of Onboarding.

Grow your Business: Strategy

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