Unlike other states, NSW requires you to specify:

  1. An initial claim date
  2. A mid-point (or ‘half-way’) claim date
  3. A final claim date
Claiming Guidelines

As you can only make one claim at a time and there are strict timelines by which you must make each claim:

  • In Wisenet, add each claim to the relevant enrolments, then when you are ready to make a claim change the status of the claim to ‘Submitted for export’ (or ‘Resubmitted for export’ if applicable). This controls whether a student should be included for your next export or not.
  • Control which units that will be submitted by entering in an outcome code to indicate commencement, withdrawal or completion
    • Wisenet has set up a code specifically for NSW which is ’00’ this indicates that a unit enrolment has commenced but not yet completed (this code will not actually appear in the export)
How to Set Up Claims for a single Learner via their Course Enrolment
  1. Navigate to LRM > Learners
  2. Select and Open the relevant Course Enrolment
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, click NSW Claims
  4. Click the Action Menu and Select Add
  5. A list will appear – select the relevant Claim Type that you are intending to make (press ‘ctrl’ on your keyboard to select multiple claim types) then click SAVE
  6. For each claim, click Action and Edit, enter the Proposed Claim Date and Actual Claim Date
  7. Click SAVE
  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients
  2. Select and Open the relevant Course Enrolment
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, click NSW Claims
  4. For the relevant Claim Type, Click Action and Select Edit
  5. Change the Claim Date if applicable, then change the Claim Status as required
  6. Click SAVE
How to Set Up AVETMISS for a single Learner or in Bulk via the Course Offer Enrolment page
  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offers
  2. Click and Open the relevant Course Offer
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar and click Enrolments
  4. Tick the Checkbox next to the Learner’s name to select the Learners that you wish to add Claims to
  5. In the Action Menu below the list of Learners, select Add NSW Claims
  6. Select the Claims that you wish to add to the Learners then click Add
  7. By default, all claims will be set to ‘Do not claim’ until you mark them for submission
  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offers
  2. Click and Open the relevant Course Offer
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar and click Enrolments
  4. Select the Learners that you wish to add Claims to
  5. In the Action Menu below the list of Learners, select Update NSW Claims
  6. Select the Claims that you wish to update (you can only update one claim at a time)
  7. Enter in the claim details and select Submitted for export (or if applicable ‘Resubmitted for export’)
  8. Click SAVE


Learn how to generate an AVETMISS Export

Once you have submitted an export, you can then update the details of the claim. You can do this via the Course Offer, the individual Learner’s enrolment or via the Export page itself for all Learners with a particular submission.

To do it via the Course Offer enromlents or a client’s enrolment page, you follow the same steps as you would for marking an claim for submission. All you need to do is enter the claim details and change the submission status to ‘Exported’, ‘Paid’ (or if applicable ‘Resubmitted for export’) .

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