How To Transition a Superseded Course Enrolment into a New Course

This article outlines the requirements to transition from, and to teach-out a superseded course or a training package.

  • The Teach-Out process will require that Learners complete the course for which they are enrolled within the expiry period of previous training packages or accredited courses.
  • For a Credit Transfer option, it is required for continuing Learners to be enrolled in the new qualification and then have previously completed units mapped to the new qualification.
  • For VET Student Loan providers, if you have already reported Unit of Study Enrolments from the old superseded qualification to HEPCAT, you do NOT need to transition/re-enrol them into the new Units of Study in the new Course Offer. Just transition their Units of Competency. However, if you have Units of Study that haven’t been reported, then mark them with a completion status of 9 which is a non-reportable status and enrol them into the new Units of Study in the new Course Offer.

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations require RTOs to manage their scope of registration and to transition to revised training products in a timely fashion. Wisenet is NOT responsible for assessing any changed requirements in the training package documentation such as licensing implications, resource and equipment lists, learning strategies and learning and assessment guides. It is the RTOs responsibility to revise any resources to ensure all the new training package requirements are met, and the training and assessment strategies are up to date to ensure they reflect the delivery of the new training package.


The information provided is based on our interpretations of the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant. Consult your Compliance Team for your individual requirements. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us.


Transition Process

Before you start the transition process, identify the last date to replace the superseded qualification and check if you are within the teach-out period.


Old Course Offer
  1. Update Not Yet Commenced Units of Competency with an Outcome Code:
    • 40 (Withdrawn) for all State
    • QLD Only – 65 Superseded qualification for incomplete units where a Learner has been transitioned to a newer version of the qualification
  2. Update the Enrolment Status to Transitioned



New Course Offer
  1. Create new Course Offer
  2. Enrol the Learner into the new Course Offer
  3. Update the previous Course Identifier Field with the old Course Code
  4. Update all
    1. previously competent and equivalent Units of Competency with Outcome Code 60
    2. superseded and equivalent Units of Competency with Outcome Code 61
      • NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Training Organisation to identify which Units of Competency are superseded.