Enrolment Status

Enrolment Status’ are fixed dropdown and cannot be edited.

It is a useful field to help indicate what stage Learner’s are at in their enrolment process. This Status can be changed and updated at any stage of their enrolment.  From this your organisation can determine what tasks still need to be completed.

It is important to note that the Enrolment Status is not reported in any government reporting; therefore,we recommend that when you first start using Wisenet that your organisation determines which status’ you will use and how you will use them to meet your organisational needs.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Enrolment


What type of Learner are you enroling?

Before you set the Enrolment Status time needs to be taken to consider what type of Learner or enrolment is it?

This will help your process to determine what tasks need to be completed before the Learner can start enrolment.

For example:

  • VSL: Wait for the cooling off period for eCAF
  • International: Or the enrolment is an International Learner and a Letter of Offer needs to be sent.
  • AVETMISS: Waiting for USI

From this you can decide what Status will best suit their stage of enrolment.


What Status will they need?

As the Enrolment Status can change you will need to decide what it is changed from and to.

Is the Learner still at an Application Stage or are they Ready to Enrol?

For example:

International: You may have all the details for an International Enrolment and the Learner is enrolled into a Course Offer however, their Status is set to Pending as they are still in the Application Stage. This will allow you to send a Letter of Offer. Once accepted you could change the Status to Current.

Online Enrolment: You have received an enrolment from online. Their Status is set to Enquiry. Once additional details have been collected this Status could then change to Current as the Learner will commence the Course Offer.

VSL: If a Learner is accessing VSL and needs to wait for the cooling off period for eCAF the Status of Pending could be used

AVETMISS: Still waiting on all the required information been collected before the Learner can be enrolled Pending could be used

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