Learner Lifecycle: Reconnect

The Reconnect stage is an additional stage to allow communication with Learners to continue past completion. Some Learners may need to renew their qualification every year or may be interested in another qualification. Not all organisations may require this step but it can be useful for marketing.

The section at the bottom of the page gives you ideas as to what you might need to be completed at each stage and what feature of Wisenet can achieve this.

1. Rebook & Reconnect

This is on opportunity to connect with past Learners on future needs. Learners may need to update their qualification if there is a training package requirement or may want to move on from a Certificate IV to a Diploma. This could also include annual renewal of CPR certificate.

Key Stage Considerations

At any stage of the Learner Lifecycle you will have certain administrative tasks to perform, emails to send, documents to sign, records to update. These can be recorded, triggered and sent from Wisenet. The features below gives you ideas and examples of what might need to be performed at each stage and where to go to learn more.

Changing the Enrolment Status and Status Reason is critical to knowing what stage the Learner is at, what needs to be completed and to potentially trigger Learncycles.

  1. Set Enrolment Status to Completed
  2. Set Status Reason to Reconnect
  1. Call Learner for future training

Learn more about Tasks

Learn more about Messages

Learn more about uReport

Learncycles allow you to utilise Enrolment Status and Status Reason to automatically trigger these Tasks and Messages.

Learn more about Learncycles

Learner Lifecycle Completed

The lifecycle has now been completed. If they want to continue with their study the cycle begins again.

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