Learner Lifecycle

The Learner Lifecycle can be divided into 4 stages.

It is an opportunity to reflect on the experience you wish your learners to have throughout their enrolment and how you can make this easy for the administration staff. At each stage you have the opportunity to streamline your processes and ensure all key tasks are completed without error or stress.

At this Stage the Learners are yet to start. It allows your organisation to receive their enquiry/application, assess their eligibility and obtain more information prior to them officially enrolling and starting the Course.

The Sales stage allows you to reflect on how you wish the Learners to be enrolled and what processes you can implement that will streamline this and reduce the capacity for errors or for information to be missed. It also creates clarity on what needs to be completed at each step.

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This stage takes the Learner from accepting enrolment to completion of final Unit Enrolment.

The Progression stage is a continuous cycle of collecting information to ensure the Learners’ Course Enrolment details are up to date and correct. This allows you to schedule time, tasks and implement processes that will reflect key dates.

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This stage takes the Learner from finalising their current Course Enrolment through to potentially new enrolment.

The Completion stage is not simply when a Learner finishes Course activity but includes certification and explains options on what you can do with a completed record within Wisenet. This allows you to wrap up any loose ends and potentially mark the record for future marketing.

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The Reconnect stage is an additional stage to allow communication with Learners to continue past completion. Some Learners may need to renew their Course every year or may be interested in another qualification. Not all organisations may require this step but it can be useful for marketing.

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