Learner Profile Page: Australia

The Learner Profile page is divided up into sections to make it easy to quickly see key information.


This is a quick referral for key information regarding the Learner. If you see a usi symbol the USI has not been verified.

Enrolments are now split into Enrolments, Open Applications and Rejected Applications.

Enrolment Details

  • Course Enrolments listed newest first
  • Click the Course Offer to see the Learner’s Course Enrolment detail
  • To the top right, the Action menu for Unit Enrolments, Logbook and more
  • For each Course Enrolment
    • Course progression in days based on Course Enrolment Start Date and Course Enrolment Actual End Date (if empty then Course Enrolment End Date)
    • Unit progression is based on Unit Completion Counts
      • A Unit Enrolment is completed when the Outcome is any of 20, 51, 53, 60, 65, 01, 04, 06, 08, 09, 15, 25, 13, 81
    • An Overdue Unit Enrolment is where the Unit Enrolment is NOT completed and the Unit Enrolment End Date has passed

Open Application Details

  • Shows Application Status
  • Click the Course Offer to see the Course Application details such as Application Status Reason and Key Dates
  • A snapshot of the Start and End Date, Enquiry Date and Enrolment Date
  • Action Menu to the right of each Application to View, Edit and Manage

Special Care

The Special Care panel will only display if there is at least one of the following for this student:

  • Learner is under 18
  • Disability – learner has identified one or more disabilities
  • USI missing or non verified (Australia only) – only shows if “USI Warnings setting” is switched on
  • No NSN( New Zealand only) – shows when the client NSN is empty
  • Special Requirements – any text entered in ‘Special Requirements’ in Client> Personal Details
  • Notes – any text entered in ‘Notes’ in Client> Personal Details

Current Position

Indicates what Workplace the Learner is linked to and also their position