Credentials FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ page. Here we will try to answer your most common questions about this feature.  If you cannot find your question from the list provided, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page in the ‘Comment’ section with your relevant question and we will update the list if applicable.

What if I discover that my credential is incorrect due to either wrong Learner information or template issues?

a) This is why it is important to first preview before you issue
b) Once issued it is best to cancel the credential and provide a reason. This is the most transparent approach for auditing.
c) You would then fix the Learner information or the template and repeat the credential process.

I have generated a Statement of Attainment or Qualification Certificate – but it is blank. Why?

Under AQF Rules a Statement of Attainment can only be generated for Unit Enrolments that have been deemed competent.
Therefore, if you are generating a Statement of Attainment or a Certificate for a Learner, the Learner enrolment must have at least one Unit Enrolment with one of the following outcome codes:

All States Except WA
  • 20 Competency Achieved
  • 51 Recognition of Prior Learning
  • 60 Credit Transfer
WA Outcome Codes

  • 01
  • 15
  • 04
  • 06
  • 09
  • 25

Or, did you use the custom uReport region that prevents credential issue if the person does not have a verified USI?

Credential Register

Under AQF and AQTF regulations, you must keep a register of these. When you generate a credential via Wisenet, a register entry is automatically produced. You can view the credential register at any time by running Report 0323 (lists credentials grouped by Course) or 0411 (lists credentials grouped by Course Offer).

Deleting Credentials (Australia)

For Australian organisations delivering AQF accredited qualifications, you are required to maintain an “auditable quality credentials register” according to AQF Second Edition sections 2.3 & 2.4
For this reason, deleting Credentials in Wisenet is NOT available as a feature. We recommend instead cancelling and recording the reason for cancellation (e.g. maiden name should be married name; wrong template, etc).


We recommend all credentials must be previewed for spell check and data integrity purposes before issuing. This prevents from credentials being issued in error.

We issued a Credential by mistake.  What should I do?

Cancel the Credential. In the status reason for the credential, put your comments about why it has been cancelled. For example: ‘used wrong template’

  1. Navigate to LRM > Reports
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Credentials Register
  3. Under the Status options, Select Issued and Search for the credential
  4. Cancel the Credential from either:
The Credential Register Page
  1. Tick on the checkbox next to the Learner’s name to select
  2. At the bottom of the page, Click the Select Dropdown box and Select Cancel
  3. You will get a Warning Message, complete options as relevant
  4. Type your Credential Status reason
  5. Click Cancel Seelcted Credential(s)


The Course Enrolment Credentials Page

  1. Click on the Learner’s name
  2. Under the Action Column for the relevant Credential, Click Cancel
  3. You will get a Warning Message
  4. Type your Credential Status reason
  5. Click Cancel


If you have multiple credentials to cancel for multiple learners, you can do so from the Credential Register page.

Can I Re-Issue a Credential?

To re-issue a credential for a Learner, please cancel the existing issued credential and follow the process to generate a new credential.


Reissuing a Credential will assign another Credential Number to the Learner.

Can I Reprint a Credential?

Once a Credential has been produced and a copy has been saved against the Learner, you are able to reprint the credential.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients
  2. Search and Click on the Clients name
  3. From the Client Profile Page, under the Enrolment Section, Click on the Course Offer that you wish to reprint the Credential for
  4. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Credentials
  5. In the File Detail column, Click on the PDF Icon – this will display the Credential
  6. You are now able to reprint the Credential
    • IMPOTANT NOTE: the bulk print version document is currently NOT securely locked as it allows for easier bulk printing. Therefore, the print version should NEVER be sent as a digital copy to others.

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