How To Bulk Update Commencing Course (Program) ID

Commencing program identifier indicates whether a Learner has enrolled in a qualification, course or skill set for the first time with the training organisation in the collection year. It is used to measure the number of VET Learners who commenced a qualification, course or skill set in a given year.

This Bulk Update Wizard allows you to update Commencing Course (Program) ID’s for mulitple Learners across mulitple Course Offers.


  • Code 3 – Commencing Enrolment in the Qualification or Course if a Learner commenced a program for the first time at the training organisation
  • Code 4 – Continuing Enrolment in Qualification or Course from a previous year if the Learner commenced the program in a previous collection year and is continuing with that study in the current year. Or, if the Learner commenced in a program that superseded a program in the previous collection year and is continuing with that study under the new program in the current year
  • Code 8 –  Partial or Limited Program such as a Short Course or Skill Set

IMPORTANT! Continuing Enolment

For any Learner who is continuing enrolment in 2019, their Commencing Course Identifier (CCID) MUST be changed from a 3 to a 4.

Before you begin:

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Enrolment

Required Knowledge: NCVER and ASQA


Start Update

This specific Bulk Update Wizard is for multiple Learners across multiple Course Offers. If your Learners are contained in the same Course Offer you can simply use Bulk Update Course Enrolments

  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Learners
  2. In the Left Navigation Bar, click Enrolment Update Wizard
  3. Select Commencing Course Identifier Update


Select Criteria
  1. Select the criteria of the Learners you wish to update:
    • The Contract State
    • Enrolment Status (press ‘CTRL’ to select multiple Status if required)
    • Enter COR start date period:
      • i.e. You may wish to update Learners who are continuing in 2019 and their COR Start Date should be from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018)
  2. Select the current CCID that you wish to update (i.e. 4 for Continuing Enrolment)
  3. Apply criteria


Apply Criteria
  1. A list of all Course Offers with Learner Enrolments matching your criteria will appear, select all or tick the Course Offers that you wish to update
  2. In the Action menu below the list of Course Offers, click Bulk Update Selected Enrolments
  3. Tick Commencing Course Identifier and select the Relevant Code, i.e:
    • 3 for Commencing Enrolment
    • 4 for Continuing Enrolment
    • 8 for Partial or Limited Program
  4. Click Perform Update
  5. You will receive a message stating Update performed