AVETMISS Error: Duplicate Units

The following errors are known as Duplicate Units:

  • NCVER Error 3808: Only one record is permitted for Subject Identifier
  • Module/Unit of Competency identifier: Duplicate records exist within this file

This occurs when a unit code appears more than once in the NAT60 file.

How to Identify which Unit/s to Fix
  1. Use Report 0003 Course Units
  2. Enter the Unit Code from the error report into General Filter > unit code
  3. Download raw data as Excel
  4. Look for mismatches of the following fields in excel columns L to P:
    • unit desc
    • unit of competency flag
    • unit field of education
    • unit vet flag
    • unit sup hours
  5. All the fields above must have the same value.

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For SA reporting the UNIT OFFERS also require the same supervised hours as the UNIT

How to Fix
  1. Navigate to LRM > Units
  2. Type in the Unit Code from the error report
  3. Click on unit that is next to the Course Code in Report 0003
  4. Edit
  5. Update the relevant field/s
  6. Save

NOTE: Repeat the above for any other instances.

Common examples of Unit Descriptions Causing Duplication

The following are common Unit Description variations that would result in a duplicate unit error:


Even if you deliver the same unit for multiple courses, only one instance of the unit should be reported in the NAT60. The error will occur if one of the unit fields are not identical in all instances of the unit.

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