Introducing Units

A Unit is the set of details and standards regarding a specific module or subject of a Course.  Units in Wisenet must belong to a specific Course.

Important Notes:

  • Learners are always enrolled into a Course Offer that contain Unit Offers. DO NOT enroll Learners into a Unit
  • Setting up Units needs to be completed in conjunction with setting up a Course
    • Check the details of your Courses and Units with requirements and information from training.gov.au

Edit Units

Once your Units have been imported into Wisenet they need to be edited for compliance and reporting purposes. If they are not edited before Unit Offers are created any missing or incorrect information will be transferred down.

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Set Up

Manually Add Units

If Wisenet cannot import Units for you such as delivering Non-Accredited Courses and/or Short Courses you can still add Units manually.

How to Add, Edit and Tag Units

Link Staff to Units

For compliance purposes, it is essential that only Staff members that are approved to deliver certain Units are linked to those Units; especially for Accredited Courses. This allows you to produce an accurate Staff Skills Matrix for audit purposes. Staff can be approved to deliver all or a selection of Units attached to a Course.

How to link Staff to Units

Unit Management

Once all the details of your Units have been updated they still require managing. Some details of your Units may require updating for any compliance changes and this can be managed through creating Checklists and Tasks.

How to create Unit Checklist

Tasks can be used to set reminders and key responsibilities around processes.


Logbooks can also be used as a record of Moderation and Validation against Courses