Introducing Contracts

All VET learners MUST be linked to a Contract (also known as a Training Schedule). There are two types:

  1. Government Funded contract (either national or state)
  2. ‘Fee for Service’ contract where the Learner or their employer pays for the course

In Wisenet, you can add new Contracts and Training Schedules for each new contract year and link Contracts to appropriate Course Offers, Unit Offers and learner Enrolments.  You can also run reports and exports filtered by Contracts.

Before you begin

  • As Owners or Admins, you will be required to add new Contracts and Training Schedules for each new contract year.
  • If you are delivering a contract on behalf of another RTO, you should set up a contract in Wisenet as if you hold the contract for your reporting
  • You will need to enter an appropriate contract for Fee For Service courses

Set Up

Learn about Contract Guidelines

You are responsible for your compliance reporting.  We recommend that you refer to both the National and State guidelines that you deliver in.

Your compliance manager should have the required contract information relevant to your funding.

You can seek further information from Key Australian Government and Industry Websites

Add a new Contract and Training Schedule

Only Owners and Administrators can manage Contracts.

How to add or edit a Contract and Training Schedule


Link a Contract to Records

Contracts can be linked at the Course Offer, Unit Offer and Unit Enrolment level. They can be linked by:

Simplify your Contracts process

To simplify the Contract process, all you have to do is to make sure that your Course Offer is correctly set up. Then when you add Unit Offers and Unit Enrolments they will auto-default with the correct Contract value.