How to Set a Learner as Inactive

An Active Learner is where the ‘Is Active’ status is ‘Yes’.

A Learner must be Active in order to allow activity. Therefore, by default, when a Learner is added to Wisenet, they will be deemed Active. You can see all Active Learners on the Dashboard in LRM. You can later mark a Learner Inactive as required. This can be done at any time based on your policies once you have finished with the Learner.

IMPORTANT NOTES! Marking a Learner as Inactive does NOT delete the Learner from Wisenet.

What does Inactive means?

Marking a Learner as Inactive simply means that your organisation will not be billed for any Inactive Learner from the following billing month and onwards.

An Inactive Learner can be reactivated if required. We highly recommend as a good practice to monitor your Learners activities, before the end of the month, so you can better manage Active and Inactive Learners. By doing so, it helps your organisation to not be unnecessarily billed for a Learner that did not have any activities for that month and was not marked as Inactive.

Reasons to change Learner to Inactive include:

  • You have per Active Learner pricing with Wisenet
  • You are an Enterprise Training Organisation or L&D Department and have ex-staff
  • International College where a Learner has been deported
  • Learners that you have dismissed over a grievance or other reasons
  • Deceased Learners


How to set an individual Learner as Inactive
  1. Navigate to the relevant Learner’s Profile page
  2. Change the Toggle Bar from Active to Inactive for the individual Learner

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How to set Learners with Inactive Enrolments as Inactive (In Bulk)
  1. Navigate LRM>Reports
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Active Learners
  3. In the section Bulk set Learners to Inactive?, Click on Set Learners with Inactive Enrolments to Inactive
How to Auto set a Learner as Inactive

Use Learncycles to automatically set the Learner Status to Inactive for specific enrolment status values

  1. Go to relevant Course Offer
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar select Learncycles
  3. Click Add New Learncycle

We recommend:

When: Course Enrolment Status Reason Changes

To : (select appropriate dropdown. You may need to add a new value. Navigate to: Settings> dropdown> Enrolment Status Reason)

Then: Update System

Update this field: Client: Client Status

To this value: False 



Learn More? Learncycles 

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After you have set the Learner to Inactive you will see this notification on their page.

When the Learner is Inactive you will not be able to complete edit actions on the Learner or any linked record. You will only be able to view information relating to this Learner.

  • You can still download documents and credentials
  • You can view the records in reports and exports
  • If however you need to edit anything on the Learner you will need to set the Learner back to Active

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3 (Optional)

  Too many learners to change their status? Log a support ticket and as a once off we can change these in bulk.


For some scenarios it is useful to add a note to Special Requirements and tick the Privacy Flag for greater transparency.

You should ensure that you have correctly unenrolled the Learner and removed their access.

If you would like to transition to Unlimited User Access inquire about our Per Learner Pricing today by contacting us via support or phone.

Learn More? Active Learners and Metering