How To Merge Duplicate Learner Records

If there are duplicate records of a Learner this could affect your reporting requirements. This function allows the two records to merge without the loss of information.

The system will copy all linked records from one Learner record to another. This includes:

  • Disability and prior education
  • Enrolments
  • Workplace Position
  • Class Registration
  • Documents
  • Journals
  • Checklist Items
  • Opportunities


  • No other demographic/contact data will be copied.
  • Merging is permanent and cannot be undone.
Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Learner

Required LRM Access: Admin


Navigate to LRM > Learners


Find Duplicated Record

To find potential duplicated Learners you can generate reports 0468 or 0540.

How to Generate a Report


Go to Learner Record
  1. Go to relevant Learner profile
  2. Click on the Action menu
  3. Select Merge Learner
Wisenet_Merge Learner from Action Menu


  1. Search for duplicate record
  2. If required for comparison select preview in new tab
  3. Click on Change to alter what record you are keeping and merging
  4. Select Merge to confirm


  • Once Merged is complete, Learner will automatically be set as Inactive.  The option to delete the Learner will not be available when status is Inactive.  Please make sure that you set the Learner as Active before you proceed with the next step
  • In this order, select whichever of the two records is:
  1. Synced to Moodle (check elearning access- if applicable)
  2. Synced to Xero ( if applicable)
  3. Has the most up-to-date client record details attached to it (eg. contact details, AVETMISS details etc)

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Delete Old Record
  1. Select Learner tab
  2. Search for Merged
  3. Select the relevant Learner (surname will be ‘Merged’)
  4. Check that all relevant data has been entered into Active Learner
  5. Click Action and Delete


Manage Duplicates in Integrated Apps
  1. The merge duplicate process in Wisenet will update the name of the unwanted record.  Wait until the name change shows up in the integrated application
  2. Navigate to LRM > Learners
  3. Open the Learner profile of the unwanted record
  4. Click Action and Select Edit Personal
  5. Un-Tick Sync to Xero
  6. Click Save
  7. In Xero, merge or delete the unwanted record


  • If you merge records in Xero, old invoices will not automatically synchronise to Wisenet. To force older invoices to synchronise, edit the invoice. This will update the timestamp of the invoice and prompt it to synchronise
  • After merging data for duplicate records in Wise.NET you should check the records to ensure that integration will function correctly