How To Link/Unlink a Learner to a Workplace

A Learner will not appear on a training plan or many workplace reports if you do not add the position to the Learner.

You can add:

  • One Workplace and one workplace position
  • One Workplace and multiple workplace positions
  • Multiple Workplaces

Careful when adding Multiple Client Positions as it can cause duplicates in reports. Make sure that ‘no longer active’ positions have an end date in the past.

Required Pre-Steps: Set Up your Workplaces and Positions

Note: StudentSupport and Trainer roles will not have access to link Learners to Workplaces

Workplace Position Types

Positions can be categorised by type which is necessary for displaying in Training Plans. Select one of the following Workplace Types:

  1. Employer
  2. Host Employer
  3. School based


A Learner Position can also be linked to a specific Course Enrolment to help more granular linking and reporting.

Regardless of Position Type, they can all be viewed in reports as positions if required.


Navigate  LRM > Learners


To Link
  1. Open the Learner record
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Positions
  3. From the Action Menu, Select and Click Add
  4. Fill out the details as applicable, when you start to type the list will populate
  5. Click Save

Mandatory Fields

  • Workplace: Only Workplaces with Positions will show in the list
  • Position: Select the relevant workplace position from the list (only positions linked to selected Workplace will appear)
  • Start Date: Enter the Start Date for the Position. (You can add or leave End Date).

Optional Fields

  • Sub Group: You can enter a Sub Group to further classify the position for reporting purposes (eg. Night shift, Wednesday Group etc)
  • Org Unit: You can enter a department or Organisational Unit for large Workplaces to further classify the position for reporting purposes


To Un-Link
  1. Open the Learner’s Record
  2. Click Action and select View all Positions on the current position tab
  3. Click on the position
  4. Click on Action menu
  5. Select Delete

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