How to perform Bulk Actions for Elearning Enrolments

There are three bulk actions that can be performed for Elearning Enrolments from the Elearning Enrolments Search page:

  1. Edit Enrolments
  2. Resync Enrolments
  3. Delete Enrolments

NOTE: Bulk Actions can also be performed on Learners, Course Enrolments and Applications.

Required Knowledge: Elearning


Select Elearning Enrolments
  1. Navigate to LRM > Learners
  2. On the Left Navigation Menu, click on Elearning Enrolments
  3. Use the Search Bar to find the relevant Elearning Course
  4. Select Elearning Enrolments by:
    • Clicking on the checkbox next to the relevant records, OR
    • Clicking on the checkbox next to Select First # Records (This will select all records from the list)


Bulk Edit Enrolments
  1. Click Action > Edit
    • This will open a pull-out drawer.
  2. Select one or more fields to update:
    • Enrolment Method
    • Group
    • Notes
  3. Click Save


Bulk Resync Enrolments


  • Use this option when Elearning Enrolments are not automatically syncing
  • If the records are still not syncing, we recommend that you please log a support ticket with as much details as possible
  1. Click Action > Resync Enrolment(s)
  2. A popup will appear. Click Resync Enrolments
    1. The resync will start happening in the background


Bulk Delete Enrolments


  • Deleting Elearning Enrolments in Wisenet will also disable the Elearning Enrolments within LMS
  • It is recommended to Disable Wisenet Elearning Enrolments instead of deleting Elearning Enrolments
  1. Click Action > Delete Enrolment(s)
  2. A Popup will appear
    • Read the Popup message carefully before you proceed
  3. Click Yes, delete
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