How to Set Up Auto Grade Moodle Plugin

Setting up your Moodle Grade Integration should be a one time process. To reach the milestone of streamlined automation, some complex setup is required. Follow the steps below comprehensively. If you do not see the option to connect to Moodle on the LRM > Settings > Connected Apps page then log a support request.

Required Moodle Access: Admin | Required Wisenet Access: Portal Admin and LRM Owner

Recommended Moodle Version: 3.0+

NOTE: Steps to be completed on Moodle are denoted with M and steps to be completed on Wisenet LRM are denoted with W.


Enable Moodle Connector in Wisenet LRM

You should have already completed setting up the Moodle Connector App in Wisenet LRM. If not, please make sure you connect your Moodle App before installing the Wisenet Grade Connector.

Steps to Install Wisenet Grade Connector:


  1. Contact Wisenet Support to request your Auto Grade Moodle Plugin zip file.
  2. Download and Save the zip file on your local server


  1. With your Moodle Admin account, navigate to Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins
  2. To upload, either Choose a file or Drag & Drop the ZIP file we sent you into the ZIP package
  3. Once uploaded, click Install plugin from the ZIP file


  1. Check the plugin validation report
  2. Once successful, Click Continue


  1. Click Update Moodle Database
    • You will now be taken to the plugin configuration page


  1. Configure the Auto Grade Moodle Plugin by updating the following fields:
    • URLEnter https://autograde-gradetranslation-api.wisenet.co
    • Account Id – Copy and Paste the Account Id from your Moodle Connected App
    • Enabled – Tick to enabled
    • ApiKey – Copy and Paste the Api Key from Moodle Connected App
  2. Click Save Changes