How to Set Up Canvas Connected App

You can now connect to Elearning applications like Canvas to establish a two-way integration to sync Elearning Courses, Elearning Enrolments and Grade. All Elearning management is configured from within the Wisenet app.

Setting up your Elearning Integration should be a one time process. To reach the milestone of streamlined automation, some complex setup is required. Follow the steps below comprehensively. If you do not see the option to connect to Canvas on the LRM > Settings > Connected Apps page then log a support request.

Required Knowledge: Canvas, Canvas Integration

Required Canvas Access: Admin | Required Wisenet Access: Portal Admin and Admin

Steps to be completed on Canvas are denoted with C and steps to be completed on Wisenet LRM are denoted with W.

Steps to setup Canvas API


Canvas Developer Key

Go to Admin > Select the relevant Account > Developer Keys

  • On the top right corner, Click + Developer Key
  • Select + API Key
  • IMPORTANT! Please contact Wisenet by submitting a Support Request Ticket with the following Request Title: Canvas Integration Key Settings Scopes. A Wisenet team member will then contact you with a list of scopes relevant to your Elearning requirements which you will need before proceeding with the next steps.
  • Once you have received the Scopes list, Enter the following compulsory Key Settings:
    • Key Name – i.e. Wisenet Authentication Key
    • Owner Email – This email address will receive important updates related to this integration key. You might want to use the main Elearning Administrator’s email address.
    • Redirect URIs – You MUST enter the URI as follow: https://lrm.wisenet.co/organisation/connected_apps/canvas/oauth
    • Redirect URI (Legacy) – You MUST enter the URI as follow: https://lrm.wisenet.co/organisation/connected_apps/canvas/oauth
  • Click the Enforce Scopes toggle button on
  • Tick all the relevant Scopes as per the list provided to you by Wisenet
  • Click Save
    • You will now see the API Key details in the Developer Keys Account tab
  • The 18 digits number under the Details column is your Key Id – copy/record the Key Id
  • Under the Details column, Click Show Key to see your Secret Key – copy/record the Secret Key
  • Under the State column, Click the ON button to activate the account key

Steps to connect Canvas in Wisenet:


  • Ensure you are the Portal Admin and Admin in Wisenet
    1. Navigate to Wisenet LRM > Settings
    2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Connected Apps
    3. You will see a list of all your connected Apps as well as available Apps. Next to the Canvas Application select Connect to begin the process.


  • You will be taken to the Manage App: Canvas page


  1. Under the Canvas Connector Details, you will need to configure the details based on the Developer Key created in Canvas
    • Canvas URL: This is your Canvas Website URL
    • Key Id: This is the 13 digits key id you generated in Step C1 above
    • Secret Key: This is the secret key numbers you generated in Step C1 above
  2. Tick the acknowledgement button
  3. Click Connect


Authorise Access

On the Canvas Authorise page, Click Authorise.


Check Connection Status

If the Connection Status is:

  • Connected Successfully then you are ready to go. You should now Resync Elearning Courses if required.
  • Failed to Connect then review the steps above to ensure nothing was missed. If still an issue the please contact Wisenet Support.


Initial Course Sync

It is important to complete an initial Course Sync once the connection is successful. This will sync all of the Courses from Canvas to Wisenet.

  1. Find the section Elearning Sync Options at the bottom of the page (This will only appear if the connection is successful)
  2. Choose the option Resync Elearning Courses from Canvas to Wisenet
  3. Enter a date range that captures all Course change dates
    • This can be a very wide range that is well before you started using Canvas eg. 01/01/2010 to Now
  4. Once ready select Resync Data
  5. This initiates the sync. Courses typically are synced within a few minutes.
    • You can see the sync’d courses by going to Course Offer > Elearning and attempting to add an Elearning Course

Steps to enable Canvas WebHooks

Once you have set up your Canvas Connected App, you are required to download and install Canvas WebHooks. This plugin allows Canvas events to raise WevHooks to a nominated URL. Therefore allowing for real-time Course information to sync between Canvas and Wisenet LRM.


Check if WebHooks plugin is already installed
  1. Log into your Canvas site and navigate to Accounts > Data Services
    • If under the Name column there is a Data Streaming Option called Wisenet Course Sync, then click on the Edit icon to edit details if required
    • If not, then follow the next step below


Add and Configure New Data Stream
  1. On the top right corner, Click on the + Add button
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Name/Title: Wisenet Course Sync
    • Delivery Method: HTTPS
    • URL: https://elearning-synccourse-api.wisenet.co
    • Message Type: Canvas
    • Application Type: Data Streaming
    • Type Course in the Search Events bar
      • Select Course for Subscriptions, User Generated and System Generated
    • Click Save & Exit

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