Elearning Integration FAQ

I clicked on Elearning from the Course Offer page but it’s blank.

  1. Check that you have the correct Elearning license for this feature. Contact Support if you have any questions regarding your Wisenet Elearning License.
  2. Ensure that you have configured the Connected App in Settings.

I am experiencing issues installing the WebHooks plugin.

It is important that you download the correct plugin version. Check your Moodle site version prior to downloading the WebHooks plugin.

The PRESET file doesn’t work when creating a new Web Service User Role in Moodle.

Check your Moodle site version. If it is on a version lower than 3.2, we recommend that you consider upgrading your Moodle site. If you are unable to upgrade your site, then you will need to manually create a New Role:

  1. Navigate to Moodle Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles
  2. Select Add a New Role
  3. For Use role or archetype select No Role and select Continue
  4. Set ShortName, CustomFullName, CustomDescription all to WisenetConnector
  5. Context Types set to System
  6. Allow role assignments, Allow role overrides, Allow role switches and Allow role to view set all to Student
    1. If you have renamed the Student role then select the role that used to be student (maps to Id = 5)
  7. Leave all other things unset other than Allowing the following 18 Capabilities (note use ctrl+f to quick search in the page):
  • moodle/user:create
  • moodle/user:update
  • moodle/user:editprofile
  • moodle/user:viewalldetails
  • moodle/cohort:manage
  • enrol/manual:enrol
  • enrol/manual:manage
  • enrol/manual:unenrol
  • moodle/course:managegroups
  • moodle/course:update
  • moodle/course:useremail
  • moodle/course:view
  • moodle/course:viewhiddencourses
  • moodle/course:viewparticipants
  • moodle/course:viewsuspendedusers
  • moodle/role:assign
  • moodle/user:viewdetails
  • moodle/user:viewhiddendetails
  • webservice/rest:use

How does Wisenet lookup to find a matching user in Moodle?

The user is checked first by username, if a match is found then user is updated. If the username doesn’t exist then the user is checked by refinternal number.

What Wisenet Fields are used to sync Elearning Enrolments?

The elearning enrolment status in Wisenet shows Enabled but the enrolment is not showing in Moodle > Enrolled Users.

Check if the Moodle course has the Manual enrolments option enabled under Course Administration > Users > Enrolment Methods. If you cannot find this option then click on Add method and choose Manual Enrolments.