How to Manage Moodle Access for Learners

Authentication is the process of allowing a user to log into your Moodle site. Authentication methods can vary from manual login to other Single Sign On options. Wisenet’s Elearning Integration allows you to choose the authentication method that works for your organisation.

NOTE: All your Moodle Learners will need to log in directly through your organisation’s Moodle URL and if they need to reset their password they simply do it by selecting “Forgotten your username or password?” in Moodle.

Follow the steps below to learn how to manage Elearning Access for your Learners.


Choose your preferred Authentication Method

The default authentication method that we use is Manual enrolments, which uses Moodle generated Username (email from Wisenet) and Password. You have the flexibility to use any Third Party Authentication Plugin/Method of your choice or use Single Sign-On (SSO) from Office 365 or Gmail for Learners to access Moodle.

If you would like to use an alternative authentication method, you need to configure this within Wisenet > Settings > Integration > Connected Apps > Moodle.


Send Login Details and Method

Once you have chosen your preferred authentication method, communicate the necessary details to your Learners on how to log in. If you are using the default Moodle manual enrolments way, the new Elearning Integration uses Moodle’s Send Invite feature. Moodle will automatically send an email with the username and password to the learner when the integration creates the user in Moodle.

You can customise the User Invite in Moodle to send a default message to Learners containing their login details.

Learn More: How to Customise User Invite in Moodle


How to Transition from Learner App SSO to Manual?

If your Learners previously logged into Moodle using the Wisenet Auth Plugin or SSO via the Learner App and you have now transitioned to use the manual authentication method, you will need to follow some specific steps.

Moodle password management will no longer be tied to the Learner App. Hence Learners will now need to login directly to Moodle. The first time they do this they will need to reset their password by choosing the Forgot your username / password option.

Alternatively you can set up an Email Template in Wisenet for Moodle Access outlining how to login to Moodle and how to reset password.

You can set a password policy in your Moodle Site security settings to force users to use stronger passwords that are less susceptible to being cracked by an intruder.

A password policy will include options such as:

  • minimum length of the password
  • minimum number of digits, lowercase and/or uppercase characters
  • minimum number of non alphanumeric characters

Moodle Admin SHOULD force all users to change their password using the force password change option by going to Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Bulk User Actions > Force Users to Change their passwords = Enabled.

Learn More: Moodle Bulk User Actions