How to Sync Elearning Courses and Enrolments to Wisenet

After you have set up your Moodle account with Wisenet, you may need to sync existing courses. This article outlines the required steps to:

If you haven’t connected the Moodle app to Wisenet, then please follow the steps in the article below:

Moodle Connected App Set Up Process

Required Moodle Access: Admin | Required Wisenet Access: Portal Admin and LRM Owner

Recommended Moodle Version: 3.5+

Required Pre-Steps: Setup Moodle Connected App

Resync Courses and Enrolments

  1. Go to Settings > Integration > Connected Apps
  2. Select Manage under Moodle App
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the correct option to resync to Wisenet
  4. Complete relevant date range.
    • Note: If this is the first time you are syncing courses or connecting Wisenet to Moodle please choose a date range 1 year prior to your Moodle account or relevant to when you created the courses in Moodle.


I clicked on Elearning from the Course Offer page but it’s blank.

Check that you have the correct Elearning license for this feature. Also ensure that you have configured the Connected App in Settings.

The PRESET file doesn’t work when creating a new Web Service User Role in Moodle.

Check your Moodle site version. If it is on a version lower than 3.4, we recommend that you consider upgrading your Moodle site. If you are unable to upgrade your site, then try uploading the below preset file:

Version 3.4 and under

  • The file will open in a new tab in your browser
  • Save the Preset file on your PC as an xml. file type
  • If this Preset File does not work then you are likely on an older Moodle version and you will need to manually create a new role.

Issues installing the WebHooks plugin.

It is important that you download the correct plugin version. Check your Moodle site version prior to downloading the WebHooks plugin.