Active Elearning Learners and Metering

Our Active Elearning Learner pricing model is designed to scale with your business. In this article, you will learn how Elearning Learners are metered.

Active Elearning Learner Definition

A Learner is included as an Active Elearning Learner when they have 1 or more Enabled Elearning Enrolments.

There are 3 types of Elearning Metering events:

  • Activated – When the first Elearning Enrolment is set to Enabled and the User is Enabled within the LMS
  • Deactivated – When the last Elearning Enrolment is set to Disabled and the User is Disabled within the LMS
  • Continuing – At the start of the month all Learner’s with 1 or more Enabled Elearning Enrolments will be carried over

By default a new Elearning Enrolment will have a Status of Disabled so that it is not included in billing. Changing the status to Enabled can be done manually or using the Elearning Enrolment Rules.

Elearning access can be changed multiple times a month. The Learner will only be included once for any of the above Elearning activity.

Each Active Elearning Learner record is counted once per month, regardless of how many Enabled Elearning Enrolments within the period.

How Are Active Elearning Learners Calculated?

The count of Active Elearning Learners is accumulated per calendar month. If 1 or more Elearning Enrolments were Enabled at any time of the current month, the Learner will be included in the Active Elearning Learner count.

Even if an Elearning Enrolment is set to Enabled and then immediately back to Disabled, this will trigger the metering for the month.

Each Active Elearning Learner record is counted once per month, regardless of the number of Elearning Enrolment activity.

What Can I Do With Disabled Elearning Enrolments?

A disabled Elearning Enrolment is view-only and can mean either:

  • The Elearning Enrolment is yet to commence (hence there is no matching record in the LMS)
  • The Elearning Enrolment has completed (there could be a matching record in the LMS however User access to this will be disabled)

The only options are to leave the record or change the status to Enabled.

Monitoring Active Learners

As you are invoiced for additional Active Learners over your base subscription, it is important to monitor your monthly Active Learner count. You can do so:


In the Active Learners count on the login dashboard



Through Report #949: Active Learner Metering Events

In the report, there are 3 types of Active Learners: New, Continuing and Reactivated.

  • New: New Learner added in the current month
  • Continuing: Learner added in previous month(s) and is still ‘Active’ in current month. 
  • Reactivated: Learner added in previous month(s) then made Inactive. Switched to ‘Active’ in the current month.

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Managing Active Learners

Manage your Active Learners numbers to avoid additional monthly charges. There are 4 ways to make a learner ‘Inactive’.


Toggle ‘Is Active?’ field in the learner profile to ‘No’


In Bulk via Course Offer > Enrolments

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Once Off In Bulk using the ‘Set Learners with Inactive Enrolments to Inactive’ in the Active Learner Metering page

This should only be used as a once off for the initial cleaning of Active/Inactive Learner data. 

It defines whether a learner is Active/Inactive using the minimum and maximum Enrolment Dates. This is calculated using:

  • the Unit Enrolment Start and End Dates,
  • if there are no Unit Enrolments, then the Course Enrolment Start and End Dates


Automatically Using Learncycles

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Additional Active Learners on top of the base subscription will be invoiced accordingly. Wisenet will supply an Active Learner status report for reconciliation purposes if requested.

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Subscribing to the Active Learner Model

Are there any Active Learners included with the Subscription?

All Wisenet LRM Editions come with a base subscription of 50 Active Learners. For full details, please refer to our pricing page.

What if I have Multiple Training Organisations?

The base subscription of 50 Active Learners is applied to each organisation. Additional Active learners can be added to the total, which is aggregated across all organisations.

When Will I Be Charged?

On the first of every month, a report of the past month is automatically generated and the number of additional Active Learners is billed accordingly. If you would like a copy of your Active Learner status report, please let us know. 

Nominated Base Subscription

In addition to the first 50 Active Learners, you can nominate your own base number of Active Learners when commencing or renewing your annual subscription. There are discounted Active Learner rates for higher base subscriptions. 

This can be increased any time during an annual subscription period. A decrease can be made during your annual renewal.

If the Active Learner count exceeds your Nominated Base Subscription, the additional Active Learners will be billed in arrears at the standard rate. If the count falls below the Nominated Base Subscription in any month, the Active Learner Count will default to the base number.

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