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Nyukela AND Open eLearning Courses

Welcome to the Nyukela AND Open eLearning Course page.

This is your step-by-step guide on how to set up Wisenet LRM for your Nyukela and Open eLearning courses.

Before you begin, here is a flowchart of the Nyukela Course process for your reference. Click on the image or  here to see a PDF version of the chart where you will be able to zoom in and see each step.

Wisenet Portal Setup


Add Users

This function is for Portal Administrators only.

We recommend that every person that is accessing your Account has their own personal User Account. This makes it easy to track who has made changes in your system and for other security and access reasons. You are not limited to how many Users you have, only how many are accessing your Account at the same time.


How to Add a New User

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User Access Roles

How to accept a User invitation

eLearning Integration Setup


Link Wisenet LRM to Moodle

Our eLearning Integration allows you to link Wisenet LRM to your Moodle in order to simplify managing eLearning UsersEnrolments, Groups and Grades.  This is achieved with:

  1. Moodle Courses are automatically kept in sync with Wisenet
  2. Map Moodle Courses to Wisenet Courses
  3. Easily manage Moodle Enrolments within Wisenet alongside Course / Unit Enrolments
  4. Use automation that Enables / Disables Moodle access based on Learner progression
  5. Users, Enrolments and Groups are automatically created and updated within Moodle based on eLearning Enrolment setup in Wisenet
  6. Set up Grade Mapping Rules in Wisenet to align with your grading needs
  7. eLearning Grade events are automatically synced to Wisenet and updates Unit Enrolment grade fields based on Grade Rules


eLearning Integration

Sales+ Setup


Add and Manage Sales+ Sites

Sales+ will allow you to simplify the receiving and processing of online enquiries and applications. It is one of the vital parts of Education Sales Management that allows you to apply the Sales process seamlessly.


How to Setup Sales+

How to Add and Manage Sales+ Sites

How to Add and Manage Application Forms

How to Add and Manage Contact Forms

How to Add and Manage Custom Form Fields

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Form Management

Email Templates for Sales+

Manage Sales+ Dropdowns


Manage Sales+ Application

The introduction of new Application Management features allows you to more specifically track the application process. This allows separation between confirmed enrolments and those that are still open or rejected applications.

When an Application is received, you can follow your desired application review process using all of the following features:

  • Filenotes
  • Tasks
  • Email
  • SMS
  • uReport
  • Learncycles
  • Checklists

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Application Management

Sales CRM

Logbook Features


Use Tasks to Manage Sales+ Activities

Tasks allows tracking of activities required to complete work-related goals. They can be assigned to individuals or groups, with details of who it is assigned by and have deadlines and priorities. They can be added individually as needed, or automatically using Learncycles based on trigger events. You can add Tasks at a Learner level, Course Enrolment level and Unit Enrolment level.

With the Tasks feature in Wisenet, you will get a clear overview of all activities to easily organise and prioritise your work. Automate this feature to help you save time and never miss an important task.


How to Manually and Automatically Add Tasks

How to set User Email Notifications

How to Update Course Enrolment Logbook


Sales+ Reports

Choose between a Basic Report which allows you to generate information from Wisenet quickly and easily. Filters can also be applied to extract more specific data. Or, choose an Advanced Report which allows for a more targeted and specific Report to be generated.

Here is a list of Sales+ Reports to use:

  • Report #0967: Sales+ Application Metering
  • Report #11022: SA Billing and Payments Invoice Summary
  • Report #4399: Opportunity Summary (Sales Dashboard data)
  • Report #0930: Opportunities List (contains Save & Resume links)
  • Report #10000: Applications Per Course Offer
  • Report #11010: JSON File & Email Application Form


How to Generate a Report