Email Templates for Sales+

Configure your Sales+ Email Template to reference it when sending email confirmation to Sales Contacts for both Enquiries and Opportunities.

Email Template


Search Template

Use the Search function to select the relevant template:


  • Select the Email Template – Enquiry Received


  • Select the Email Template – Opportunity Received

Online Application (To email applicants after application submission)

  • Select the Email Template – Online Application Received


Review, Edit and Enable

Review, Edit and Enable the selected email template.

Important Note: The email will only send if this Template is Enabled. Once edited and reviewed, set Template to Active via the Active Toggle option.



The email will now be logged against the Sales Contact’s Logbook. Users with access to the Logbook will be able to access a copy of the email whenever needed.

Automated Emailed for Application Management

Automated emails for Application Management are configured using Learncycles.

LEARN MORE: Learncycles for Sales+