How to Publish Course Offers to Sales+

This is where students will have the option to apply for the courses you have to offer.

It is important to have your Course Offers in LRM first before you can proceed with publishing them to Sales+.

Required Knowledge: Sales+

Required LRM Access: Owner


Add Course Offers to LRM

Please ensure that you have your Course Offers ready in Wisenet.


Navigate to LRM > Offers


Select and Publish Course Offer
  1. Select the Course Offer you want to publish
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on Sales
  3. Under the Publish Options section, select a Publish Type:
    • Manual – Applications can only be added within LRM
    • Private – Applications via private application links (includes manual)
    • Public – Applications via online (includes manual and private)
  4. Add a Publish Name
  5. If you have multiple sites, select whether to publish the Course Offer to:
    •  All Sites, or
    • Specific Sites – Use the Dropdown box to select the relevant site


  1. Select whether to make the published course visible for:
    1. Always, or 
    2. A specific period of time – Enter a From Date and a To Date
  2. Toggle to choose whether you want to publish the Course Offer Dates for applicants to see


Additional Information

Add any General and Price info.


Application Link

Applicable for Premium Edition Only – Add Application Link – This is the link that will appear next to the published course for Learners to click and start the application process.

    1. Enter a Publish Name. For example, Apply Now
    2. Select a Link Type: Agent or Workplace and enter who the Contact is
    3. Click Save


Application Options

Complete the Application Options section

  1. Enter the Application Type, i.e. Domestic, International, Short Course etc.
  2. Choose the relevant Application Form from the dropdown box
  3. Select Application Payment Type
  4. Enter the Application Payment Amount (Unless if No Payment on Application was previously selected)
  5. Choose whether to Auto Accept the Application
    1. If Yes:
      1. Choose whether you want to automatically link the enrolment from this application to Elearning
      2. Choose whether you want to automatically add Unit Enrolment to this application
  6. Click Save

Note: You can add multiple Application Types if required (Available for Premium Edition Only).

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