How to Set Up Sales+

Before You Begin

You need to have a Sales+ license. There are different editions with different functionality. Explore the different Sales+ Editions

Key differences between the editions:

  1. Starter Edition – Has 1 site, 1 contact form and no application forms
  2. Standard Edition – Has 1 site, multiple contact forms, 1 application form, standard processing
  3. Premium Edition – Multiple sites, multiple contact and application forms, custom fields, full automation.


Sales+ sites once published are publically accessible. Sales+ administration has the same role access capabilities as LRM.

Learn More: User Access Roles

Setup Guide

While it doesn’t matter too much if you change the setup order, the following is designed to reduce start/stopping during the setup process.


Add Custom Fields

Adding custom fields now allows you to reference them in your Forms. You can skip this and add later if desired.


Add and Manage Contact Form

Adding a Contact Form now allows you to reference it when you first setup a Sales+ site. You can skip this and add later if desired.


Configure Email Template

Configuring your Sales+ Email template now allows you to reference it when you are ready to send email confirmation to Sales Contacts. You can skip this and add later if desired.


Add and Manage Sales+ Site

This is where you add and manage your Sales+ Site. Set Site Status, Branding, Application and Contact Options.


Add and Manage Application Form

Note: For Standard and Premium Editions ONLY

Once a Sales+ Site is created you can proceed to Application Form Management. You can start small with a basic Form for testing and then update once ready.


Publish Course

This is required to publish Courses to Sales+ so that they are visible in Course show in Sales+

You can skip this if you are not publishing any courses.


Publish Course Offer

This is required to publish Course Offers to Sales+ either publicly (visibile in Course Availability) or privately (allows applications via direct application links).


Manage Sales+ specific Dropdowns

This is optional. Use the Sales+ custom Dropdowns to manage what values are available for a specific field in a way that is meaningful for your organisation.

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