Learncycles for Sales+

Through Learncyles, automated workflows can be set to trigger at different stages of the Sales+ process to help you stay on track with every step of the process.

Below are examples of Learncycle Activities and Trigger Conditions you may use to automate each step.


Before you begin

If you are new to Learncycles, we recommend exploring Learncycle features and benefits before you start.


When an Enquiry is received

An enquiry from a potential Learner about a Course may require you to:

  • Record Learners details
  • Create Tasks with Notes
  • Save documents
  • Send follow-up email/sms


When an Application is received
  • Add/Update Learner
  • Follow up via Email/SMS
  • Complete Eligibility Checks (LLN)
  • Process application as per compliance requirements
  • Generate and Send Letter of Offer or Training Plan


If an Application is Rejected
  • Update Enrolment Status to: Declined
  • Update Enrolment Status Reason as required
  • Send Email advising of Rejection


If an Application is Accepted
  • Update Course Enrolment Status to: Current
  • Update Course Enrolment Status Reason as required
  • Send Confirmation Email
  • Schedule Welcome Letter generation and emails
  • Schedule Enable Learner App Access
  • Update Course Enrolment and Unit Enrolment details
  • Process payment (Issue Xero invoices)
  • Schedule and assign other administrative tasks


Test before going Live

Learncycles need to be carefully configured to ensure the automation does not accidentally trigger undesired activities. Follow these Best Practice instructions before setting your Sales+ Learncycles.


Go Live!