How to Add and Manage Contact Forms

A Contact Form allows anyone to contact you online and have this submit as a Task or Opportunity against a Sales Contact.

Before you start, learn how Forms submission are processed.

Required Knowledge: Sales+

Required LRM Access: Owner


Navigate to LRM > Settings > Configuration > Form Management


Form Management

Under the My Forms Tab you can:

  • Add Forms
  • Search Forms
    • Active Forms only
    • Inactive Forms only
    • Both Active and Inactive
  • Manage Forms
    • Use Toggle to set to Active or Inactive
  • Copy Forms


Add Form
  1. To add a New Contact Form, on the top right corner, Click Add Form
  2. Select Form Type: Contact
  3. Enter a Form Name:
    • By default, ‘Contact Form’ is entered as a generic name. You can change it to enter the name you would like to call your contact form.


Form Options

Choose the Submission Type:

  • Either, Task
    1. Enter the Task Name
    2. Manage Fields
      • Add more fields to the form (if required)
        1. Drag & Drop Fields in your preferred position on the Contact Form
    3. Click Save OR Save and Close
  • Or, Opportunity
      1. Enter an Opportunity Description
      2. Use the Dropdown boxes to update Pipeline, Stage and Owner


Manage Fields (if required)

Once you have created a Form, Click to select the Form you want to manage so that you can:

  • Edit Form Options
  • Edit existing Fields
  1. Hover on the field you want to edit
  2. Click on the Edit icon
  • Add/Edit Conditional Logic
  1. Find out more here
  • Add
    • more Fields to the Form
    • a Header
    • a Text section
    • a File Upload section
  1. Hover on the Field where the new Field to be added will sit under
  2. Click on the Plus Icon and choose whether you want to add Field, Header, Text or File Upload
  • Drag & Drop Fields to arrange them in your preferred order on the Form
  1. Hover on the relevant field
  2. Click and Hold the Drag & Drop icon
  3. Drop Field in it’s new position on the Form


Click Save OR Save and Close.


Copy Option

Save time by using the Copy Form option available for existing Forms rather than adding a new Form if there is not much variances in between the Forms.  Simply click on the ‘Copy’ icon next to the Form and edit the copy accordingly.

Next Steps:
  1. (Optional) Configure Email TemplateConfiguring your Sales+ Email template will allow you to reference it when you are ready to send email confirmation to Sales Contacts. You can skip this and add later if desired.
  2. (Recommended) Test your Contact Form – We recommend testing your Contact Form. To do so, you will first need to have the Contact Form added to your Sales+ Site.