How to quick enrol learners into Elearning Courses

This page allows you to quickly enrol learners to Elearning courses using the conditions added to the elearning offers.

When to use this page:

  1. You have mapped the elearning courses to Wisenet Course Offer / Unit Offer but the enrolments have been created late and not enrolled into the elearning courses.
  2. You want to enrol the learners into the elearning courses based on the linked elearning offers.

After Course/Unit enrolment process


If the learners are already enrolled into the Course offer and the elearning course has been linked after the learners’ were enrolled, follow the steps below:

This page will show you all the elearning courses that have been mapped to either Wisenet Course Offer / Unit Offer.

  1. Locate the Elearning course you wish to enrol learners into
    1. Either scroll through the list or use the search bar
  2. Under Actions, click the “Enrol Learners” icon as shown in the image below.


In the pop-up, you can choose between quick enrol or the manual process.

    1. The quick enrol feature will enrol all learners with any enrolment status to the elearning course if you have linked your course offers to the elearning course. If you are linking Unit Offers to the elearning courses, then the quick enrol feature will enrol only commenced learners.
      • Logic for commenced learners when elearning enrolment rule is set to unit enrolment:
        • Australia: Commenced if Outcome is not empty OR Outcome NOT = NS, @@, 100, 105, 85
        • New Zealand: Outcome is not empty OR Outcome NOT = W or R
    2. The manual process will allow you to choose the appropriate Learners from the list and then click Add Elearning Enrolments

Please be aware that when you set the elearning enrolment rules based on Course Enrolment, the Quick Enrol will enrol all enrolments with any enrolment status. If you do not wish to enrol all learners then use the manual add enrolments option.

During Course/Unit enrolment process

If the learners are yet to be enrolled into the Course offer, you can easily add them to the elearning courses by following the steps below:

(If you are new to Wisenet enrolment process, see How To Add a Course Enrolment)

If you have linked the elearning courses to the course offer, then:

On the course enrolment, at the bottom of the page choose Add elearning enrolments

If you have linked the elearning courses to the unit offer, then:

After adding the unit enrolments, at the bottom of the page choose Add Elearning Enrolments to added Unit Enrolments

If you want to enrol via the course offer > elearning page, see 

How to add Elearning Enrolments