How To Add Workplaces

You can add a Workplace directly into Wisenet.

Required Pre-Steps: Set up Custom Dropdowns

IMPORTANT NOTE: StudentSupport and Trainer roles do NOT have access to add workplaces


Add the Workplace

The Workplaces table is set to show by default when clicking the Organisations Tab. However, if the table is not visible, it means that you do not have access to Workplaces. If you do use Agencies though, we recommend that you use the User Preferences settings to setup for the Agencies table to load first when clicking on the Organisation Tab. LEARN MORE: User Preferences

  1. Navigate to LRM > Organisations
  2. IMPORTANT! We recommend to always search for the Workplace you wish to add so that you avoid adding a duplicate record
  3. Click Add Workplace
  4. Enter the details of your workplace, then click Save


  • If you are adding a school, tick Is School
  • If the Workplace is a training delivery location, put a tick in the checkbox that says Is a delivery location then choose either link to an existing location or add a new location
    • This will create a linked location record that will be auto updated with the same details as the Workplace to simplify location management
  • (AU) optionally, look up the suburb and postcode to ensure they match AU Post listings

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