How To Add Workplaces

You can add a Workplace directly into Wisenet.

Required Pre-Steps: Set up Custom Dropdowns

Note: StudentSupport and Trainer roles do NOT have access to add workplaces.


Add the Workplace
  1. Navigate to LRM > Organisations
  2. IMPORTANT! We recommend to always search for the Workplace you wish to add so that you avoid adding a duplicate record
  3. Click Add Workplace
  4. Enter the details of your workplace, then click Save


  • If you are adding a school, tick Is School
  • If the Workplace is a training delivery location, put a tick in the checkbox that says Is a delivery location then choose either link to an existing location or add a new location
    • This will create a linked location record that will be auto updated with the same details as the Workplace to simplify location management
  • (AU) optionally, look up the suburb and postcode to ensure they match AU Post listings

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