Training Plans

Introducing Training Plans

The purpose of the Training Plan is to provide Learners (and employers if applicable) with estimated dates for when Unit Enrolments will commence, complete and how each will be assessed. A Training Plan must be personalised for the Learner, e.g. it must contain their Name and Student Number, and the Learner must sign it. Some States and / or Registering Bodies will allow for electronic signatures for distance and online Learners. You should check with state funding body or registering body as to whether they allow this or not.

Before you begin

Training plan template requirements differ by State and Registering Body. To accommodate this Wisenet has a number of generic Training Plan templates that can be used.

You can refer to the following government sourced information as required.

Funded Enrolments

Each funding body provides a template for training plans outlining their requirements.
You may be deemed non-compliant if you don’t use their template, so always check with your funding body before customising your Training Plans.

    Non-Funded Enrolments

    You can use the state based templates or you can use a generic template – but check with your registering body for any specific requirements that they may have.

      Short Course Enrolments

      If you are running a non-funded short course such as First Aid; you may not be required to provide a personalised Training Plan. Please refer to your registering body for their rules.

        State Based Requirements


        Generate a Training Plan

        Generating a Training Plan is achieved using the uReport feature.  It uses Training Plan template documents to format and input required Training Plan information.

        If this is the first time your company is generating Training Plans we recommend to first test the process using our generic templates. Then once confident with the process you can create you custom templates for live situations.

        How to Generate a Training Plan

        Customise your Training Plan Template

        Once understanding the Generate Training Plan process you should now have a Course Enrolment with required fields set up.

        This will make it easier for you to now create your custom Training Plan template.

        How to Create a Custom Training Plan Template

        Streamline your Training Plan process

        Automatically trigger a Training Plan to generate and send to Learners and/or Workplaces using Learncycles.

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