How To Delete a Course Offer

To prevent accidental deletion of data, Wisenet has a general rule of thumb relating to deleting records: ‘what has been added, must first be removed.’  Therefore, before you can delete a Course Offer, you must first remove all course and/or unit enrolments, and remove all unit offers.

Before you begin:

Required LRM Access: Only Wisenet users with administrator level user access can delete this data


Navigate to LRM


Remove any enrolments associated to the Course Offer you want to delete (including all unit enrolments and their associated checklist items and logbooks)


Remove all unit offers linked to the Course Offer you want to delete (including any associated checklist items and logbooks)


Remove any linked Elearning Course to the Course Offer you want to delete.


  • Both the Elearning Course and the linked Elearning Enrolments will be permanently deleted in Wisenet
  • Elearning Enrolments within your LMS will be Disabled and set to Inactive

When you click on the Delete Button, you will see a deletion confirmation display on your screen with a warning note. If you wish to proceed with the deletion then click Yes, delete. Otherwise click Cancel to abort.


Remove any associated Checklist Items, Logbook, Notes, Agents, Learncycle, Enrolment Checklist templates, Rates and any other information linked to the Course Offer you want to delete.


  1. Open the relevant Course Offer
  2. Click Action and Select Delete
  3. You’ll get a notification pop-up: Are you sure you want to delete this record? Click OK

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