How To View and Edit a Course Offer

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A Course Offer is the organisation’s unique delivery for a Course that Learners are enrolled in. An organisation can have multiple Course Offers for the same Course. Course Offers are made up of Unit Offers that a Learner needs to study for the duration of their qualification.

This article gives you a snapshot of how to view and edit Course Offer cards.

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Set up your Courses


Navigate to  LRM > Offers
  1. Search for the relevant Course Offer
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Details to view your Course Offer
    • If you need to view the related Course, simply click on the Course link under the Course Offer Name
    • If you need to manage your Course Offer Sales settings, simply click on the link provided the Course Offer Publish Type


Viewing a Course Offer

The Course Offer page is divided into 2 columns and Course Offer fields are grouped into the following 4 cards.

Column 1 comprises of the following 3 cards:

  1. Course Offer Details
  2. Unit Offer Defaults
  3. Additional Info

Column 2 contains all your compliance fields, with the following card:

  1. Compliance & Fees

Cards on column 1 are expandable. Simply use the ‘Expand’ icon on the right hand side of the card to do so.

Fields in column 2, in the Compliance & Fees card, may include coloured badges before the field name. They allow you to easily identify the reporting bodies a field is associated with.


Editing a Course Offer

Each card has its own Edit and Save buttons, allowing you to only edit relevant fields when and where required.

To Edit a card:

  1. On the right hand side of the card, click on Edit

  2. The card will now open in Edit Mode

  3. Edit each relevant field according

  4. Click Save

    • Once saved, the card will now be in View Mode. Click Edit again if you wish to edit this card again

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