Course Offers

Introducing Course Offers

A Course Offer is the organisation’s unique delivery for a Course that Learners are enrolled in. An organisation can have multiple Course Offers for the same Course.  Course Offers are made up of Unit Offers that a Learner needs to study for the duration of their qualification.

Before you begin

It is important that the Course Offer is created accurately to avoid errors with enrolments and for correct reporting.

  • To avoid errors you will need to check that your Course and Units have been created correctly.
  • There are many different types of Course Offers that can be created in Wisenet. This will depend on your delivery.

What Course Offer best suits your delivery?

Set Up

Set Up Course Offers

Once you know the type of Course Offer you wish to deliver you can Add a Course Offer to your Wisenet delivery.

Link Unit Offers

A Course Offer must contain Unit Offers that Learners will later enrol in.

Select the Units you want to add to your Course Offer.

How to Add, Edit or Delete Unit Offers

If you have already created a Unit Offer and need the same details you can copy it

How to copy a Unit Offer

Streamline Course Enrolment

Once the Course Offer and Unit Offers have been created there is an opportunity to streamline how to enrol your Learners

Learn more on how this can work with your organisation:

Enrol Learners

Learners can be enrolled into a Course Offer and their personal enrolment details are changed at this stage.

Enrol Learners into Course Offer

Manage Enrolments

As the Learner progresses through the Course Offer different fields need to be updated for accurate reporting. You can updated data in bulk to save time.

How to Bulk Update

Reporting: Internal and External

As Learners progress through the Course Offer it is important to update their records regularly.  Progression Management is extremely critical to ensure accurate records for compliance and external reporting.

  • Internal Reports can be generated to obtain key information pertaining to Course Offers.
  • External Report information can be found through our AVETMISS page

Close a Course Offer

Once a Course Offer is no longer being used it is important that it is set to Complete or Canceled. This indicates to Staff to not enrol Learners into that Course Offer.

How to Complete or Cancel a Course Offer

Streamline Course Offers

If you have already created a Course Offer you can simply make a copy instead of creating a new one. This is beneficial if you are creating a new Course Offer with a different Contract  but all the information is the same.

How to Copy a Course Offer

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