How To Complete or Cancel a Course Offer

Once a Course Offer is completed the status needs to be changed to Inactive.

If it is cancelled it is to be changed to Cancelled. 

This reduces risk of enroling a Learner into a Course Offer that is no longer valid.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Course Offer

Required LRM Access: Admin


Navigate to LRM > Offers
  1. Search for the relevant Course Offer
  2. Click on the Course Offer name to take you to the Selected Course Offer Dashboard.


Complete Course Offer
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Course Offer
  2. Search for the relevant Course Offer and click on the code to open it
  3. Action and Edit 
  4. In the Status select the relevant status
  5. (Optional) You can type ‘X’ in front of your Course Offer Code so that when you click Search All the current Course Offers appear at the top of the list.
  6. Save

It is generally not recommended to delete Course Offers however, if you do this you may receive the following message ‘Child relationships exist’, it means that there are still records or documents attached to the Course Offer. Delete these and try again.

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