How To Copy a Course Offer

Once you have a set up a Course Offer, you can use the Copy Course Offer Wizard to quickly create another Course Offer based on the same Unit combination and other details.

You can then simply modify the new Course Offer and associated Unit Offers as required.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Course Offer

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Set up Course Offer



Best Practice

It is important to identify if you need a new Course Offer; a copy of a Course Offer or if you can still use your current. If this step is not completed correctly it can result in:

  • Incorrect reporting
  • Errors through duplication
  • Unnecessary work created

A Course Offer should be set for the duration of a calendar year or per contract period. This is because the start and the end dates of the Course Offer do not directly impact the Learner.

What is exported are the Start and End dates of the Course Offer Enrolment for that Learner which can be adjusted.

If a student has a start date within that period they can enrol into that Course Offer without the need to ‘copy’ and create a new Course Offer. This will assist in reporting ect as you can easily see how many students enrolled in that qualification/Course Offer for that year.

Only Copy a Course Offer if:

  • New Calendar Year
  • Different Contract
  • Different Location

Not Sure? Log a ticket.


Copy Course Offer
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Course Offer, search and then open the relevant Course Offer
  2. Click  Action and select Copy Course Offer
  3. Modify the Course Offer details:
    • Code and description (Remember to remove the COPY OF which will appear in the copied Course Offer Code and Description)
    • Start and end dates
    • Other details as required
  4. Select which porperties to copy to the New Course Offer:
    • Copy Enrolment Template Checklist Items
    • Copy Marketing settings including Agents
    • Copy Elearning Courses
    • Copy Learncycles
  5. Click Save and Copy Unit offers (recommended) or click Save and Finish and you can add the units later
  6. Select Unit Offers  you want to copy.
  7. Click Copy Selected Unit Offers.

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