How To Upgrade Moodle

We currently support Moodle 4.1

Upgrading is not usually a very disruptive process unless if it’s been left for a long time between upgrades! Each Moodle version is only supported for twelve to eighteen months.  If your Moodle version is <3.6, Wisenet may not be able to support any Moodle issues you experience.

You can check when support for your version expires:

It is recommended to upgrade your Moodle once a year and as part of your subscription to Moodle you are entitled to one free ‘major’ upgrade per year. This upgrade is not completed automatically and needs to be approved as this can impact and change your settings including:

  • the user interface usually changes to some extent
  • old features may be retired
  • new features will be introduced
  • plugins may not be updated to the new version requirements
  • there may be bugs

We want to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the changes before performing the upgrade.


  1. Download the Moodle Upgrade Request Checklist which requires you to do a pre-check for your upgrade eligibility
  2. If eligible, attach the completed checklist to your support Ticket
  3. Log a support request  informing us you would like to upgrade

Note: If your pre-check form is incomplete, your request may be declined.



After we receive your request to upgrade, we will require up to 1 week  to get back to you with updates. During this time we are creating a demo site to test and identify changes and compatibility within your Moodle Version and the new Moodle version to be upgraded to.

If we find major changes that could impact your current version we will inform you of these changes.  Expect to receive information on:

  • any plugins that are causing the upgrade to fail
  • any old features that may retire
  • any new features to be introduced
  • any potential bugs

After we communicate of any major impact (if applicable), you will receive details about the test site for you to review.

You will also receive a temporary booking date and time for when we have a spot available to perform the upgrade once you have confirmed testing from your side, and you give us approval to proceed with the upgrade on your live site.  We expect to hear back from you, via your logged Support Ticket, with your approval to proceed within 2 business days to secure your booking date.


Sandbox Moodle for testing is not usually required. This will depend on the complexity of your Moodle. If complex then we would provide a Sandbox site to test the upgrade process and allow you to check that everything is in order before going live.

About major and minor releases


  • To proceed with the upgrade, we will perform a backup of your site and put your site on maintenance mode
  • After the upgrade is complete, we will leave your Moodle site in maintenance mode. This means that users can log in but they cannot access any courses.
    • Note: It is your responsibility to communicate any Moodle downtime to your Moodle audience.
  • You need to check that the upgrade is satisfactory from your point of view
    • you can also review the release notes and Moodle bug tracker for the version and check the compatibility of any plugins or customisations that you have installed (as part of the upgrade process, we will check any that we have installed). Moodle release notes pageMoodle bug tracker

YES: If you are satisfied with the changes you can then switch off maintenance mode by going to Administration > Site administration > Server > Maintenance mode

NO: If you are not satisfied with the changes and think that the upgrade will have a critical impact on your Moodle, respond to your Support Ticket and we can convert back to your old version

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