How to Quick Link offers to Canvas Courses

This page allows you to link Canvas Elearning courses directly to Wisenet Course Offers / Unit Offers, using the conditions saved under the Automatic Linking option in Canvas Connected app. NOTE: You do not need to have Automatic Linking turned on to use this page.

When to use this page:

  1. If you have Automatic Linking turned on, but you created the Canvas course before the Wisenet Course Offer / Unit Offer so it didn’t automatically link.
  2. You want to link a Canvas course to a Wisenet Course Offer / Unit Offer using the conditions saved in the Canvas Connected Apps page.

For more info on Automatic Linking, see Step 1 on this page.


This feature is only available for Canvas courses. 

This page will show you all of the courses from the connected LRM systems.

  1. Locate the Elearning course you wish to link
    1. Either scroll through the list or use the search bar
  2. Under Action, click “Link to Offers
  3. The Elearning course will now be linked to the corresponding Wisenet offer.

Note: You cannot link offer to deleted Canvas courses. The deleted Canvas courses are set to Inactive in Wisenet.