How To Generate a Student ID Card

Student ID Cards can be used as Learner or Workplace cards. These can then be used within your organisation for multiple purposes.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge:

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Add a Learner, Enrolment


Navigate to LRM > Clients


Design your ID Card
Individual Learner
  1. Open Learner’s Profile Page
  2. On the Left Menu click Reports
  3. Click Student Card
  4. Please select to export the report with ‘.pdf’ file type once generated, and click Export
Multiple Learners
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Reports
  2. Enter Report Number 0277 and press enter(or enter your organisations Learner card Report number if this has previously been created by Wisenet)
  3. Click Report Number
  4. Enter filter selections as applicable in Steps 4 and 5
  5. Select View Report
  6. A preview will now open – select desired export mode to produce report

Wisenet can upload a copy of your custom designed Student Card and is billable at $195 + GST.

  1. Submit a support request with your exact pre-designed card (in an editable format), including:
    • Card size dimensions (we recommend that you use 85mm x 54mm)
    • Logos and colours
    • Position of items to appear on card (ie. Logos, Student Photo, bar code, name, student number etc)
  2. An invoice will be sent, and once paid, work will commence
  3. Card report will be deployed and you can test before using
Card Details

It is your responsibility to purchase blank cards and card printers (or to forward the report to a professional printer.)

Design parameters:

  • Card size should be 85mm x 54mm (standard credit card size)
  • Learner photo should be portrait and have the same size ratio as the image stored in Wisenet (3:4)
  • You can choose which elements to have on the card, i.e:
    • barcode (with text format of unique Learner RefInternal
    • student number
    • logos