How To Enrol Learners

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Course Offers, Unit Offers

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps:Course Offers, Unit Offers, Add Learner


Navigate to LRM > Offers


Select the method to Enrol your Learner
  1. Open relevant Learner Profile Page
  2. Click Action and Enrol
  3. Search for the Course Offer you want to enrol them into
  4. (If there are any other Learners to Add- search for them here. Add the Learner to the Course Offer by clicking on the >>)
  5. Enrol Client

You can bulk enrol Learners by repeating step 4.

  1. Open relevant Course Offer
  2. Click Action and Add Course Enrolment
  3. Search for the Learner you want to enrol.
  4. Add the Learner to the Course Offer by clicking on the >>  Keep adding learners until you have selected all you wish to enrol.
  5. Enrol Clients


If you enrol multiple Learners at one time only fields with the same information will be updated. You will need to go back into each individual enrolment and edit details specific to them.

Enrolling a Learner using the Call Centre Wizard is mainly used for Short Courses.

It allows you to Enrol Learners into One Unit Offer and also take payment.

See How to Enrol Learner using Call Centre Wizard


Decide on an Enrolment Status

There are many different types of Learners and types of Enrolments. Each type of enrolment can entail a different process. For example an International and a VET Student Loans Learner will have different enrolment requirements.   Setting the appropriate Enrolment Status will allow you to perform certain tasks, reduced unnecessary data entry.

How to Set Enrolment Status


Add Learner Enrolment Details
  1. Fill out the applicable Enrolment Fields:  Australian Fields or New Zealand Fields
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Any rows highlighted in GREEN in the Fields Table are your MANDATORY Fields
  2. If you selected multiple Learners, grey fields indicate what needs to be updated individually

If the enrolment is not confirmed or you are waiting for additional details you can add the Unit Enrolments at a later stage.


  • Unit Enrolments can be added after a Letter of Offer is sent and has been accepted
  • Waiting payment


Add Unit Enrolments

YES: Click Save and Choose Unit Enrolments (Recommended to do now. Follow next steps)

NO: Click Save and Finish. This will redirect you to Course Offer Enrolment page. You will need to go back later and add Unit Enrolments


Select Unit Offers
  1. Select the Unit Offers, Unit Groups or Units of Study that you are enrolling the Learners/s into
    • Click the larger checkbox at the top to select all
    • When you click on a Unit Group/Units of Study, the Learners/s will be automatically enrolled into all Unit Offers attached to that group
  2. Click Confirm Unit Enrolments
  3. Do you want to modify the Unit Offer details (e.g. change trainer and assessor details, set Unit Enrolment outcomes or set dates)?
    • YES: Click Save and modify Unit Enrolments (Highly recommended for rolling enrolments or where for government reporting requirements you need to enter outcome codes)
    • NO: Click Save and Finish – you will be redirected to the Course Offer Enrolment page


Modify Unit Enrolment Details (Optional)
  1. Tick the fields you wish to alter and enter the relevant details. Field Guidelines Unit Enrolments Filter by AVETMISS fields
  2. Select Apply Changes

See also Bulk Updates to make multiple updates across Learners in the Unit Offer

When you enrol VSL Learners- the Unit of Study (UoS) fields are automatically populated for you

If you need to modify these details:
  1. In the Unit Enrolments page, click Units of Study
  2. Enter the Unit of Study Enrolment details, to edit the Units of Study:
    • Individually:
      1. Click Edit and select Unit of Study
      2. Enter the details
      3. Click Save
    • Group:
      • Select the Units of Study you wish to update
      • Action menu select Bulk Update Select Units of Study
      • Enter the details
      • Click Save

Is Accessed to VSL Ticked in Course Enrolment Table

Updating Unit Enrolments is optional at this stage however, you will need to come back at some stage and update the details. Ensure all AVETMISS fields are updated. For examplet the Unit Enrolment Start and End Dates will need to be updated to reflect actual dates for each Learner.

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