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Welcome to the FAQ page. Here we will try to answer your most common questions about uReport troubleshooting questions you may have.  You can use this as a troubleshooting guide and if you cannot find your question from the list provided, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page in the ‘Comment’ section with your relevant question and we will update the list if applicable.

I’m trying to generate a uReport and I can’t see my template in the list

Go to Report > uReport templates. Things to check:

  1. Is the template in the list?
    • If not, upload it
  2. Is the template active?
    • Click the ‘set as active’ link
  3. If you’re trying to do credentials, is the template type for this template ‘credential’?
    • If not you will need to upload it as a new template and set template type to ‘Credential’
  4. Are you still using custom Reports?
    • These are still in the list of Reports, not uReport templates

Note on Migrating from Report to uReport

Often we are asked to convert a Report to a uReport. That is NOT possible, because the underlying technologies do NOT  match.  We CANNOT output a Report to MS Word which is the template format for uReport.

If you want to re-create a Report in uReport we suggest you run a copy of your old Report to .pdf and use the layout as a reference to create a Custom uReport Template

I cannot generate a CAN Notice for a Learner

To generate a CAN the following must be in place:

  1. Course enrolment must belong to a course that is marked as FH/VFH/VSL eligible in the course section
  2. Course enrolment must have “VFH/VSL Eligible” True
  3. Student must be enrolled in at least one Unit Of Study where the UoS both of the following details:
    • UoS Completion Status must not be empty or is not set to 9 (ie. must be code 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
    • Must have at least one UoS with a census date matching the reporting period that you are generating the CAN for
  4. For overnight CANs, check whether there is filtering by ‘Accessed VFH/VSL’

If no UoS with census data relevant to your report:

  1. You will need to check the student’s records to see whether they are supposed to be reported or not
  2. If they are, edit the relevant UoS and enter the relevant UoS date

Completion status empty

  1. Edit UoS and set the Completion Status to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (CANs are not generated for Completion Status ‘9|Withdrew prior to census date’ or ‘9|Unconfirmed’ or other ‘9’ status)

Completion status is set to ‘9’

  1. If this status is correct: A CAN should not be issued
  2. If this status is incorrect: Edit UoS and set the Completion Status to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
Can I recreate an scheduled CAN?


If your scheduled CAN didn’t work as expected, or if you want to reproduce a single census date CAN for some reason, you can run it manually using the same Automated CAN template just like any other uReport. You will need to specify a census date and you can optionally configure a message.

I get an error when uploading a report template

Error: Upload file name must contain letters, numbers and hyphens only
Solution: Check if you are using Internet explorer and if it is adding the entire path to the upload file section. If yes, then please follow the steps given below to disable the display of path when uploading a file:

1. Go to Internet Explorer, Tools > Internet Options
2. Select the Security tab > Custom Level
3. Search for an option “Include local directory path when uploading files to a server
4. Select Disable, click OK
5. Restart the browser.

The file path should not be displayed when uploading anymore and upload the file successfully.

I get an error when re-uploading a report template

Error: “There is no custom uReport template!”
Solution: Make sure there are no square brackets ‘[‘ or ‘]’ in the name of the file

I get an error when generating a uReport

Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array
Solution: This error occurs because there are no ‘Region merge fields’ within the document. At the very least the start and end of each template should have the main region fields eg. «TableStart:AU_Credential_Main» «TableEnd:AU_Credential_Main».
Note: It is best to use the generic templates for examples and copy the key elements. When copy/pasting, be sure to paste with formatting and not paste as text.

Error: An error occurred while generating uReport: These columns don’t currently have unique values
Solution: Check that all your merge fields are present and they have not been converted to flat text or pasted as flat text.

Error: An error occurred while generating uReport: maximum message size quota error
Error text: “The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (10000000) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element.”
Solution: This happens when the template is very large and causes a performance issue.  To fix:

  • Review your template size including graphics. Consider using a more efficient type of graphic file. Some types take up more space than others (for instance, replace .tif with .jpg where possible)
  • Optimal template file size is no larger than 1 MB

Error: The uReport file didn’t get generated at all
Solution: Ensure that your template name doesn’t include ‘&’ as this will cause uReport to fail.

Error: The uReport file is not generating the Supervised (Nominal) hours when creating Course offers and Unit Offers
Solution: This is due to a Learner being attached to multiple Positions at the same time.  To fix, simply insert the end date for each Positions.

Error: The uReport training plan gives a message of ‘failed’
Solution: Training plans will give the error message when either

a) a workplace hasn’t been set against the client or

b)the client has two workplaces with the same start dates.

In the case that the issue is b, simply adjust the start date for one of the workplaces. The template will then work and display the workplace with the earliest start date. After the template has been generated, then re-adjust the workplace start dates. See How to link a learner to a Workplace

My uReport came out blank/missing data
  1. Is the field correct?
    • Ensure that the added fields are actually available for each region. You can use the uReport Field Dictionary for this
    • Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes
  2. Are the correct Regions Set?
    • There is a proper method for adding or changing the Main Regions and/or Sub-regions to assure that they pick up the correct information in either the entire template (Main Region) or a table for units/classes/timetables (sub-region).
    • If the template is returning the data value, e.g. <<Client First Name>>, this generally has to do with the Regions being incorrectly set. To check that the template has only one Start and one End Region and/or Sub-region:
      • Right click on the region and select Edit Field
      • A pop up box will appear and in the Field Properties section, adjust the region function that should be used
      • click OK
      • Do this for both the Start and End regions and ensure that there is only one Main Start and one Main end
  3. Does the course enrolment record have the required data?
    • Data will only appear in a uReport document if the data exists against the specific course enrolment in Learner Admin. Here are a few common scenarios why data may not appear:
      • The unit table is not appearing on a transcript: Does the course enrolment have any competent unit enrolments?
      • The Letter of Offer is showing data but the payment table is not showing information: Are there checklists setup against the course enrolment with a template type of “Letter of Offer” or “Payment Schedule”
      • There is no data being reported for a Letter of offer: Is the course enrolment set to have a status of ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Pending’?
      • SG Contract is not showing data or certain tables: A contract will only show correctly when the course enrolment has been setup with FPS details and installments
  4. Did you copy/paste merge fields?
    • When copy/pasting merge fields, ensure that you do not choose the option “Keep text only” as this will remove the merge field properties. If you wish to paste the merge field and have the destination formatting then choose the option “Match destination formatting”.
  5. Are there records missing from a list of records in a table?
    • A table needs to be inserted carefully into the document to ensure that data is not truncated.
    • Note: See the generic templates for how this is achieved plus the instructions in Insert a field into a table and also Template Tips and Tricks
  6. Did you upload as the same template type?
    • When you download a generic template for customising, it will include the fields that have been set up for that particular kind of template. If those fields have not been set up for the template type that you selected when uploading, then the report may not run correctly
  7. Did you delete some essential fields?
    • At the start and end of each template there are fields that look similar to «TableStart:AU_Credential_Main» «TableEnd:AU_Credential_Main». These are required to define the region that you wish to use allowing us to export the correct data. If you delete them then your template will not work correctly.
Formatting Issues

Table row height is fixed and not auto-growing

There is fixed spacing appearing in a table of records. This occurs due to table properties on the row where a height is being specified. This setting needs to be unchecked.

Text is expanding out of the side margins

It is important that the page margins are correctly set. This ensures that expanding text will move down the page and not off the side of the page.

Text is jumping to different pages when there are long names etc.

Try ticking the “embed fonts within the document” in Word’s Save options:

  1. File > Save
  2. From the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Save Options’
  3. In the ‘Save Options’ dialog, select ’embed fonts’ settings
Field troubleshooting

Field font type or font size varies

This occurs when at least one character in the field is different from the rest. To fix this, simply highlight the entire field and re-adjust the font type and size in your MS Word menu.

Field does not return data from Wisenet

This generally occurs when the field has been improperly added or pasted in to the template. Assure that when pasting the field using ‘right click’ on the mouse that the option for ‘keep source formatting’ is used. Otherwise, click crtl+v to use the keyboard method

Unexpected field appears in template

This hidden field appears only after the template has been produced in to pdf. To find and remove this field, simply open the MS Word template and go to the area where the field is appearing, click ctrl+a (this will highlight the entire template), right click on the layout of the template and select ‘update field.’ The hidden field should make itself appear and can then be removed.

Field displays contradictory information

Go to the area where the field is set, click ctrl+a (this will highlight the entire template), using your mouse right click on the layout of the template and select ‘update field.’ Right click on the field and select ‘toggle field codes;’ this will expand and display the field that is actually set. Is it correct? If not, then adjust only the text in between the quotation marks to the correct field as set in the uReport Field Dictionary.

Sub-Region troubleshooting

Sub-region returns contradictory values

Right click on the sub-region and select ‘edit field.’ A properties box will appear. In the field properties section, check that the correct sub-region has been set. If not, then adjust the TableStart and/or TableEnd sub-region.

Unexpected lines appearing in the printed document

Check your printer settings to make sure the document is printing at 100%. For some reason this can occasionally cause an issue.

How can I change the name of my template?

If you prefer your staff to see a different template name:

  • Re-upload the template file. During re-uploading you can select a different name
How can I delete a template?

Right now we do not have the capacity for this, because it causes issues when there are existing credentials that have used a template. If you set the template as ‘inactive’, it will not appear in the list when generating uReports.

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