uReport List of Available Fonts

Adding additional fonts in Wisenet for uReport is not readily available because fonts are:

  • intellectual property – often under copyright or require a license purchase to use
  • numerous – there are tens of thousands of fonts
  • very specific to individual tastes
  • having too many in the list makes it hard to find a desired font

Therefore we will only add fonts that we judge will be useful to other customers as well.

If you believe you have such a font in mind and would like us to assess it, please log a support request.


  • for fastest processing, the request should include a reference link to the font download page, showing the license terms, which must clearly state that no purchase is required/font is free for commercial use. We will not add non-free fonts to uReport.
  • There is a charge for adding a font. If we do agree to add a font to uReport for your organisation, there will be a charge of $195+GST for this service.
List of uReport Fonts