How To Create a Custom Invoice / CAN Template

Before creating a custom uReport template it is important to understand how the templates work. The templates are designed to use Microsoft Word mailmerge fields to reference desired Wisenet data fields.

Learn how Regions and Fields work before proceeding further.

NOTE: While these steps are not hard, they do, however, require very careful attention to detail.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have an intermediate level of technical and problem solving skills.

Required LRM Access: Admin only

There are 3 documents you need to create for VSL
  1. VET Student Loan Statement of Covered Fees
  2. Invoice Notice
  3. Commonwealth Assistance Notice
Key Design Considerations: 
VSL Statement of Covered FeesInvoice/ Commonwealth Assistance Notice

VET Student Loan Statement of Covered Fees

  • Is not part of Overnight Automation
  • Can be sent before or at the same time as first Invoice Notice
  • In uReport it is a Contract
  • Add Course Offer fields:
    • Course Fees
    • Loan Cap

Invoice / Commonwealth Assistance Notice

To generate an Invoice / Commonwealth Assistance Notice, the following must be in place:

  1. Course enrolment MUST belong to a course that is marked as FH/VFH/VSL eligible in the course section
  2. Course enrolment MUST have “VFH/VSL Eligible” True
  3. Learner MUST be enrolled in at least one Unit Of Study where the UoS both of the following details:
    • UoS Completion Status must not be empty or is not set to 9 (ie. must be code 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
    • Must have at least one UoS with a census date matching the reporting period that you are generating the CAN for
  4. For overnight CANs, check whether there is filtering by ‘Accessed VFH/VSL’


  1. No UoS with census data relevant to your report
    • You will need to check the Learner’s records to see whether they are supposed to be reported or not
    • If they are, edit the relevant UoS and enter the relevant UoS date
  2. Completion Status empty
    • Edit UoS and set the Completion Status to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
      • Note: CANs are not generated for Completion Status 9
  3. Completion Status is set to 9
    • If this status is correct: A CAN should not be issued
    • If this status is incorrect: Edit UoS and set the Completion Status to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

LEARN MORE: Preparing Course Enrolments for CANs


Create from a Generic Template OR Create from your own document

It is recommended to download and modify an existing template as it reduces the amount of work and chance of error.

Using your own Template?

Using own template
If you are confident with modifying your own template to become a uReport Template, we recommend to still download a generic template and copy over specific template elements:

  • REQUIRED: Main Region Start tag and Main Region End tag
  • Any additional tables for Units etc
  • Any additional fields

Remember: It is important to understand the specific design considerations and adjust accordingly.

1.1 Use our existing template (Recommended)

Find and Download a generic template specific to your requirements

  • Navigate to LRM > Reports
  • On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on uReports Templates
    • The generic templates are listed grouped by Template Type
  • Find the relevant generic template that you wish to download and click on the Template Name
  • Save the file onto your computer

1.2 Modify the Generic Template

  • Add/Remove any additional Fields or Regions
  • Update the Layout and Format accordingly
    • Includes fonts, spacing, logos etc
    • The are many Tips and Tricks for formatting
  • Once finished Save your document to your computer
How to Edit a Region
How to Add a Field to a Custom uReport Template

1.3 Upload and Test

Now that you have finished designing your template you need to:

  • Upload the Template
  • Test the Template
    • It is vital that after uploading a new version of a template that you test to ensure it is working as expected
    • This needs to be done by generating the uReport Template
How to Upload a Revised Version of your uReport Template

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